Sunday, August 14, 2011

Vacation (all I ever wanted)

Hello, my crafty friends. I haven't much heard the call of blogland while enjoying my fabulous American getaway. Tomorrow hits the 3 week mark, and today I leave my beloved Wisconsin to begin a trek South (New Orleans via Chicago). Updates and photos will definitely follow, but perhaps not til I return (next week Monday).

For now, here's a little peek into some Wisconsin adventures had in the past 2 weeks!

We visited Devil's Lake and Iris enjoyed the sunshine and the beauty. (The boy and I took a wander along the glaciated shores).

A few days on Washington Island (where my family has a summer cabin) were blissful. No phones, no tv, no much of anything. Just sunshine, swimming in (brisk) Lake Michigan, and a lot of Scrabble.

Fortuna had been before. And I think she agrees with me that the island may be one of the world's perfect places.

Friday saw us take in a day at the Wisconsin State Fair. There were cows, horses, pigs, adorable tiny goats and teeny tiny rabbits. There were cream puffs. And, of course, cheese sculptures...

In a few hours we head south to Chicago. Sadly, our train is nearly half a day behind schedule due to trouble out West. So Amtrak are kindly busing us to Chicago (ironic as we opted to spend just a smidge more to take the train than the Chicago bus as it was closer and faster. Now it might just be closer). On Tuesday night, we hop on The City of New Orleans and head to its namesake. Time with my sister and gators and beignets to follow.

The summer heat and sunshine have been great here in the Midwest. I hope the last week of this getaway are as great as the first three!


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