Friday, September 2, 2011

American Adventures: Part 6

Part 6: Good morning America, how are you?

After a bustling Tuesday full of Chicago sightseeing, we walked back to Union Station and enjoyed a little break in the Metropolitan Lounge. I never fly first class, so being able to go to the fancy lounge at the train station was cool. We go to go to said fancy lounge (though, I am pretty sure no where near as fancy as an airport lounge) because we had a spot on the sleeper car. A tiny sleeper room for our 19 1/2 hour journey (which actually clocked in at just 19 hours).

Our little room was number 7. We were upstairs and the car was at the end of the train. It made for really cool views.

room 7

chicago at night

After we got going, we had dinner in the dining car (meals included with sleeper rooms = awesome), enjoyed some sights of Illinois as the darkness took over, and then morphed our seats into a bed and pulled the bunkbed from the ceiling and tried our best to sleep. Admittedly, they aren't the comfiest of beds. But they worked well enough. And our good pal Injection Molded Abe Lincoln kept watch through the night as we passed from North to South

look who came along!

Though I'd set the alarm to wake up at our long-ish stop in Memphis, it was rainy and grey and there wasn't much to see. So we ended up waking up somewhere in Mississippi. After putting the beds away and having seats again (and an amazing breakfast - who knew the Amtrak had good food?), we got back to the business of sightseeing. We still had something like 6 or 7 hours left to ride.

calmly riding as the world flies by

Passing in Louisiana, we saw lots of small towns. Sadly, that part of the country is rather impoverished. A lot of what I saw made me sad. Tiny houses nearly falling down. Towns that look like time forgot them. Factories and towns that seem there only to provide beds. But then we came upon this little town and it was quite charming, really.

small town louisiana

small town louisiana

The sights as we got closer to New Orleans became more and more watery.

on stilts


We sat in the viewing car as we crossed the edges of Lake Ponchartrain - never my favorite experience by car, even. We watched for gators and saw all sorts of interesting birds and things.

self-portrait from the sightseeing car

And then...


we were there.


Anastasia said...

:DD!! The south is different, it tends to look more defeated, but it's so rich!


laura kate said...

Sometimes. Definitely rich in culture and heritage :)

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