Tuesday, September 27, 2011


No, I didn't see a Neil Simon play recently. I went to Brighton. That gem of a south coast seaside resort town. It may be past its heyday, but that place is pretty awesome.

The Scot has a friend from uni who lives there these days, so we were graciously offered a place to stay should we ever want to have a weekend away. We'd wanted to go during the summer, but it just didn't happen. This weekend, however, couldn't have been better (well, except for me remembering sunscreen - that would've been better than the burn I got on Saturday).

beach huts!

We arrived just past lunchtime on Saturday and headed to the waterfront. We chose to walk West, which meant we actually spent the bulk of our wanders in Hove, and not Brighton proper. But this was no matter. Lovely smooth pebble beaches, a cool but sunny temperature, and a nice breeze made for fabulous wandering. We even happened upon a little food festival - so lunch was easily sorted. For dessert I had a Portuguese eclair, which had a really interesting cream filling. I wish I knew exactly what it was. It was delish.

i am loved
way better than a carved tree

After we met up with our hosts, we headed out to Devil's Dyke. It wasn't a spot I was familiar with, but it's gorgeous.

sunset girl

At the suggestion of my much more athletic host, we walked down the outside of the big hill next to the dyke and then hiked up the inside of the dyke. While gorgeous, it was not the best thing for me + asthma + clogs. But I did have a fair sense of accomplishment when we finished (and a good appetite for the dinner at the adjacent pub!).


On Sunday, we headed to the Royal Pavilion. I'd been before, but The Scot hadn't. This visit was better than my first as they had much neater showcasing of the restoration works as well as having Regency fashion on display throughout. It's a garishly odd building, but I really quite like it.

royal pavilion

We spent the rest of the day wandering around The Lanes and all the lovely shops (and a sadly disappointing cupcake shop) and spent lots of 2p coins in the machines on the Palace Pier.

sea green

Dinner was totally tasty (at FishyFishy) and we came home to London on a late train as a pair of tired puppies. Brighton is one of those places that is so close that we should visit often, and yet this is our first trip there together. Definitely on the list of places to return.

i can nearly see france!


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