Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Con is (nearly) On

Most of you are aware that I'm organizing BlytheCon UK 2011. I've mentioned it a bit.

Well, this week has been superbusy in the ways of the BlytheCon. After a bit of shopping for gobs of envelopes, a ginormous stamp pad, and having many many copies run off I set off to get the tickets ready to mail out.

It was quite an undertaking.

all to be stuffed

I sillily thought I'd get it done in one night. It took about 2 1/2 days, really. My gorgeous boyfriend helped out by adding the return address to 150+ envelopes (I did the rest while he was at work making money such that we can eat and things). I tried to use my prettiest penmanship to write out all the addresses. There were cramped hands. There was a weirdly swollen thumb. I don't understand how professional calligraphers manage.

After all the envelopes were ready I sorted them into piles: UK and everywhere else. I stuffed! And then I stamped. Remember the awesome stamp I got a while back?

stampy stamp

It has now been put to use. Well to use, at that!

coming soon to a mailbox near you

Today I took them to the post office. I cost a lot more than I expected. I had not transferred enough from the BCUK account to my own. I owe myself a rather large chunk of change! (oops).

I also booked the after party. Details will be shared closer to the date, but I think it's gonna be faaaaabulous. Cocktails! Food! An exclusive, and so pretty, venue!
BlytheCon UK after party!

Next up: bonding with the stamp again and getting the goodie bags started.

After the tickets get finished...

4 weeks from today. I can't wait!


Blythe Ghost said...
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Blythe Ghost said...

Hi Laura Kate,

Having been an organiser of Trade/Bridal Fairs in the past, I understand how much work goes into these things behind the scenes ... sometimes I used to wonder if it was ever really appreciated.

I hope everything runs to plan with the BlytheCon and that it's a huge success ... I wish I could be attending myself, but it's a long way from Oz.

laura kate said...

It *is* a big heap of work, but I have a feeling that on the day it'll be appreciated as I still have a handful of surprises in store :) Glad to know others can empathize with the workload!

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