Monday, September 26, 2011

Fall Full of Friends

Here in London, it definitely seems that Fall is upon us. (Though here in the UK they always say Autumn). September has seen me be ridiculously busy getting ready for BlytheCon UK (it's on Saturday!) and trying very hard to find a job. Clearly one has been more successful than the other. However, during the past month or 2, I've been so glad to be surrounded by friends, both next to me in the real world and in this lovely virtual land of blogs, tweets, and Flickrness. Erika over at Rouge and Whimsy had a lovely idea for September of having not-quite-sponsors. Free "ad" space and blog promos for anyone who wanted to take the time. I thought it was a lovely idea and so I'm snagging it and doing a bit of pay-it-forward action at the same time.

If you've never promoted your blog or shop or even if you're a seasoned pro, I would love to feature you here on {she's crafty} during October. I would prefer blogs and shops that are in keeping with the general themes and feelings of my blog (crafts, blythes, travel, food and fun) and do reserve the right to politely decline any blog or shop that I feel uncomfortable having on my sidebar (but I doubt very much that will be at all the case).

If you're game to try something new,
or just get some new promotion for your blog or shop, jump right in! Send your ad (no blinkies please) and blog or shop link to laurakateiscrafty(at)gmail(dot)com by Thursday 29 September. I'll send you a little bit more info then on what you can expect throughout the month.

I hope this is an idea that people are interested in, because I think it would be lovely to share the thoughts and creations of others here on {she's crafty} much more often than I currently do.


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