Sunday, October 9, 2011

BlytheCon UK 2011 wrap up

I can't believe it's been a week since BlytheCon UK. The time leading up to it seemed like ages and then *BAM* it came and went in a blink.

It was a great weekend. And a lot of money was raised (the total is still waiting to be solidified {selling leftover goodie bags on BK} but I think it'll come to about £3,300). I saw far-flung dolly friends, made some new ones, and put faces to names I had not known!

Friday night many people came out to The Builders Arms in Kensington for drinks. Dollies sat on tables, people earned their first badges (featuring pints), new friendships were sparked and old friendships strengthened.

Friday night drinks
credit: Sam

Saturday morning was a bit frantic. A ton of sellers arrived way earlier than planned and so setup ended up being a lot trickier than anticipated. But in the end nearly all regular attendees resisted the urge to sneak in early (save for a few) and it was truly fun to see the doors open at 9:30 and the place start to buzz!

BlytheCon UK

BlytheCon UK 2011 - all abuzz!

stalls, stalls, stalls
Some absolutely awesome raffle prizes were donated:

raffle goodies

credit: Paulinou

Diana helped The Scot man the ticket table and sell lot of tickets to help out The Little Princess Trust (over £1600 was raised from the raffle alone).

credit: ¤morganours¤

pretty pink balloons

In addition to the awesome raffle, there were 2 great contests organized by the lovely, amazing, and fabulous Shelley and Sam. Shelley put together the fashion contest and Sam took charge of the photography contest. Though I did most all the other organizing for the event single-handedly (save for the web stuff, done by the awesome Neil), these 2 were both fabulous contest organizers and also great sounding boards for ideas and generally excellent shoulders to lean on as I sometimes felt a bit overwhelmed by it all.

Shelley, Laura & me - I want to adopt both of them
Shelley, me, & Sam
credit: Sam

photography contest finalists
the photography finalists

Fashion design contest entrants
fashion design entrants

Suzy put together another Goldie raffle and gathering. We were all hoping to top last year's number of Goldies, but in the end we just tied it. Still, it's always fun to see so many Goldies together!


There were 3 hour-long demonstrations/workshops throughout the day which were graciously given by 3 experts in the fields of restoration, customization, and sewing.

Kenner restoration workshop with Leo
Kenner restoration workshop with Leo (Poupée Mécanique)

Custom workshop with Olga
Customization workshop with Olga (Vainilladolly)

Sewing workshop with Ruth
Sewing workshop with Ruth (Eurotrash)

The workshops were really well-received and special badges were available to those who attended them.

The event seemed to be enjoyed by all. And there were so.many.dollies!

Dolly group photo! (many, but not all in attendance)

I think my favorite part of the whole weekend was seeing friends who I normally only get to talk to online. Even though I may have only met some of them once before (or some never before), it's great to hang out with people who I feel like I know a bit and also great to get to know them better.

In addition to the marvelous Sam and Shelley, there is the fabulous Lucy - who in addition to being just nifty ran the Stitch 'n' Bitch table with her mum and raised some more funds for our charity!

BlytheCon UK 2011 photobooth

The delightful Alice and her Gavin. I've gotten to get to know Alice through the interwebs quite a bit since last year so it was great to hang out with her (and Gavin, who is obviously cool as well since he both a) hangs out with dolly people and b) is a teacher).

BlytheCon UK 2011 photobooth

Marvelous Christin! I didn't know Christin much except for some talk on twitter and such. She's awesomesauce. And also a teacher. And generally just good fun. (Seen here again with Saxon Alice).

BlytheCon UK 2011 photobooth

I also did a fair bit of hanging out with some others, but don't have any great pictures. Next year! (or sometime soon-ish if I'm not in the country for next year...)

After the event finished, I had a mad scramble home and then immediately back to Chelsea for the afterparty. Though the afterparty was a bit disappointing in that a TON of people had said they would come (hence it being booked in an exclusive venue and not just reserved space in a bar or restaurant) and far less than a ton coming, those of us who came had fun. The Spaniards stuck to one corner, but seemed to enjoy themselves. So I was content! We drank cocktails, took photos, and generally had a lovely time.

credit: Haunts Hold

kenner sisters
(same moment, different view)

I slept well on Sunday. And then I took a look at my spoils.

I purchased a few lovely new dresses - all from sellers I hadn't purchased from before. Some new looks for the dolly wardrobe!


I also won a few things in the raffle and was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed all the items.


It was a great day. I'm a bit sad that's it's pretty likely that I'll not be in the UK for the 2012 event (being organized by a number of people including the aforementioned awesome Sam) in Manchester. But I do have a ticket for the US 2012 event in Texas in August. So all is not lost.

2 things as I wrap up this rather long wrap-up!
1 - All the photos with the BCUK logo mark are the "official" photos taken by the talented Stuart.
2 - If you haven't already, check out Alice's awesome short film about the event. It's pretty great.

Until next time!


sarah.boirin said...

Thank you for all your hard work organising such an awesome event, we had a ball :)

laura kate said...

thanks sarah! it was such fun to hang out :)

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