Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Something to Crane About

Yes, I know. It's "crow" not "crane." But lately it's all about the cranes.

You may recall that I wrote about my sister expecting a while ago. And I shared a little about the baby shower I co-hosted while in Wisconsin this summer. Well, here we are at the end of October and that baby will be arriving in just about a month (her due date is on Thanksgiving, but we all know due dates are generally a load of crap). In anticipation of the arrival of the little jelly bean, my sister and her husband have been doing some nesting of the bird nature. Cranes. So many cranes.

The nursery space in their house (which, in fact, is also the dining room), is slowly being decorated with cranes. Mostly paper. Some not.

photo taken by my sister

They've been collecting cranes from friends and family. A bit after the above photo was taken, they put some of the cranes in small shadowboxes and hung on that wall. They'll be hanging many from the ceiling. I think the whole idea is adorable and quite creative. I especially love how it brings the thoughts and handicraft of so many into the life of the baby before s/he is even here!

Of course, I wanted to contribute. My role as aunt means I should make sure the kid knows I'm the cool one from the start! So, instead of heading out and picking up some proper origami paper, I took a look in my scrapbooking stash, found some fun and quirky papers, and set about making some mammoth cranes.

folding cranes for the baby

Though I did take a course in origami when I was about 10, it had been a while since I'd done much paper folding. God bless the interwebs (although I suppose I could've referred to the baby's wall decals!). It all came back, though. And I think my 3rd crane was the prettiest of the lot.

giant paper cranes

I can't wait to see the room when it's finished. And I relish the opportunity to keep crafting up little projects for the bambino


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