Monday, October 24, 2011

Stack It Up Again

This weekend we ended up with a houseguest. Again. Same surprise houseguest as last weekend. It was a nice thing, however. I remember when I moved to London and was having a hard time finding a place to live. I didn't know anyone. I didn't have any friends to couch surf with. I had a backpackers' hostel - which was interesting in and of itself. Still, friends are nice. And I'm happy to play hostess (also - it keeps the flat a bit cleaner!).

Anyhow. On Saturday we went out to a nearby cocktail bar. One that The Scot and I had been meaning to try, but just hadn't gotten around to visiting. It was nice. They had Jenga.

tumbling towers

Life lately has been a bit like Jenga. I start feeling like things are going well and the tower tumbles. But life, like Jenga, is made up of so many pieces. And it can be put back together. It never goes back together the same way twice, but that might make the next attempt to win a little easier. Or more interesting.

This week the schools in London are on break. So I'm not working. I have grand plans of catching up on laundry, crafting, and baking. We're going up to Scotland on Friday. I have gushed about my love for Scotland here many times. I hope this trip is as lovely as all the others have been. I do love visiting my Scottish not-quite-family.

I am wishing we had pumpkin patches and corn mazes in these parts of the world. But baking with pumpkin (lovely pureed pumpkin from Libby's - which takes some searching to find and you pay the price) will have to suffice.

Knock it down. Stack it up again. Try something new.


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