Tuesday, November 29, 2011

On being an aunt

I cannot wait to meet this little bundle of joy. Christmas is soon and I have so many ideas of what to get for her that I'm frazzled (she'll be just 1 month old - it's not like she's toy age yet, so my frazzledness is silly). My mom drove from WI to New Orleans to help out while my sister is mostly on bedrest. And to be Grandma.

This child shall be a loved child.
Cecilia Ann

I totally got her that star onesie (a whole pack in fact) right here in London and brought them to the US in the summer. She's chic and dressing in European fashion from the get-go! (Hah!)

It's times like this that I get bummed about living so far from my family. But near or far, I'll love her all the same.


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