Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thankful (day 1)

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(This was supposed to post Monday night. But it didn't go through. So we'll just have 2 for Tuesday!)

I am thankful for my health. While my health since moving to London hasn't been the best (with my asthma being the worst in nearly 20 years), I still give thanks for my overall well-being. I'm neither crippled nor troubled in any other major way. Currently, I live in a country with free basic health care. While many days I laugh at the NHS's general inability to deal with some things in a reasonable way (ie: "Hi, I think I broke my toe and want to make an appointment to have it examined." "We can fit you in one week from now.") I am still glad for it. It covers my basic needs.

So many in the world are suffering. Or can't afford access to simple, basic services. I am grateful that I am well and looked after.


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