Friday, November 25, 2011

Thankful (day 4)

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Today is Thanksgiving. (Well, it's a bit past midnight here in London. But in the US it's still fully Thanksgiving day, so just go with it).

I am so very thankful for my small social group here in London. As a person, I don't make friends easily. Many acquaintances, few good friends. Many of the people I feel closest to in the UK are dolly friends. But I've come to be a part of the circle that's largely based on The Scot's friends from uni. Tonight, 8 of us gathered here in our flat and feasted.

I forgot to take photos during the festivities. :(

However, I snapped this one just before all arrived.

And this after:
...and after

I took the day off from working. And spent the day cooking instead. Our meal of thanks included:
- roast turkey with gravy
- mashed potatoes
- brioche stuffing
- cranberry sauce
- green beans
- sweet potatoes with marshmallows on top
- roast carrots
- dinner rolls with butter (from this recipe - so yummy and SIMPLE!)
- pumpkin pie
- blackberry pie
- (with whipped cream)

Lots of pie was made on purpose, as I love it (and the boy can take a spare pumpkin one to work to share). But I did really well as estimating portions and we finished nearly everything. Which is great, since last year I ended up throwing out uneaten leftovers the week after as we'd had as much as we could. I think it also helped that this year the Brits had a better idea of what to expect (it was mostly a repeat audience).

mmmm. pie

A lovely evening. Not the same as a loud house full of family and making the meal together, but still a good time. We ate, we drank, we laughed, we played games, and now we'll all sleep well. (Sadly we have to work tomorrow, but it's the boy's birthday weekend so fun times are ahead!).

Happy Thanksgiving to all!


Blythe Ghost said...

Wow! It all sounds yummy! You must have worked hard in the kitchen to achieve such a full menu.

laura kate said...

small portions of things made it all easier than last year (my first attempt at hosting). but i started mixing up pies a bit before 10am and dinner was served at about 8pm. lots of planning and keeping on schedule with a tiny kitchen and oven! :)

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