Thursday, December 22, 2011

dark nights, bright days

While it may seem that I've disappeared, I'm well and around. Just not in London.

Last week I hopped on a plane and flew for the best part of a day to end up (delays, drama, and a near-miss on the 2nd flight later) in New Orleans. Where I got to meet Miss Cecilia. I totally fell in love.

cecilia ann

She is perfect. And so tiny. But with the most monkey-like little toes and the most Gerber Baby mouth I've ever seen.

I spent a couple days with my sister (and my mom, who spent a few weeks there helping out the new mother). We baked cookies and had fun decorating them:


We went to see beautiful Christmas lights:

a mom, a baby, an aunt.

Then Mom and I drove the long drive from New Orleans to Wisconsin. We were a bit silly and did a very short day followed by a verrrrry long day. (On the way I got my US crap food kicks with stops at Sonic and such). But it was worth it to be home. My flat in London with The Scot is *our* home, but it's still not the same as *coming home.*

My brother is home too. And that's always great as I see so very little of him. There has been shopping, tree-trimming, and movie-watching (go see The Muppets if you've not yet been. It's grand!). Cups of hot apple cider, fun with a nutcracker, popcorn and general relaxation have been had.

Tonight, some of my favorite family members joined us for dinner and my 2 little cousins, E and S, helped to build a gingerbread house and decorate gingerbread cookies. My mom's gingerbread is delicious, and her home baked houses are always a joy to put together. Having 2 little ones (7 and 3) around to help out made it all the more fun.

cookies and cousins
(really, when was the last time you were so excited about decorating a cookie that you began clapping?)

So even though these days are dark, and the light in the sky only gives us little peeks, my days feel absolutely bright with the spirit of the season. I can't wait to get a nice photo of the absolutely astonishing tree my dad picked out that I had the fun job of helping to decorate earlier in the week. Family, traditions, little festive joys - to me, they make everything a little better. I'll very likely be a bit quiet while I'm here in Wisconsin (I return to London in a week), but wherever you are, whoever you're spending your Christmas with, I hope it's a merry one.



Blythe Ghost said...

Happy Christmas Laura Kate!! Have fun with your family and enjoy the season.

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