Saturday, December 3, 2011

A Gathering of (Dolly) Friends

Today, I was lucky enough to attend another London Blythe meet. We met up at the Victoria and Albert museum and enjoyed tea and cakes and fun. We even had a visit from 2 people working on a new BJD prototype.

dolly ring!
a ring of delightful dollies

georgia's girls
georgia's girls

she really wanted to come home with me
shelley's lovely

Enormous festive globes!
(photo via danielle)

Blythe London meet
makie labs prototypes
(photo via claudia)

I always enjoy meeting up with doll friends old and new. Can't wait til the next one!


Blythe Ghost said...

Lucky you!! I bet you all had a great time.

Candy Pop said...

Looks great - sorry I missed it! :(

laura kate said...

@blythe ghost - it was tons of fun.

@candy pop - next time! sam's already pencilled in a date for early march! :)

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