Sunday, December 4, 2011

Of Beer, Baking, and Beards

Tonight I'm making beer cupcakes. I bought some of the super sexistly marketed Animée beer last week because it was on sale. And mild lemon beer seemed like it might be ok. It's that. Ok. Generally, I don't really like beer. So I adapted a beer cupcake recipe I'd been holding onto and used a bottle. They're good. More citrus-y than beer-y, but they smell quite like the pub. Still cooling and waiting for "froth" frosting. Pics later.

Before I made cupcakes with beer, I cooked a gammon ham in Coke and orange juice this evening. It was awesome. I recommend. I'll probably do it again, take photos, and share the recipe (as usual, it was a mish-mash of a few I'd found). We ate dinner while watching The Two Towers. We watched The Fellowship of the Ring last night. All of the boy's Skyrim playing made me yearn for some Middle Earth adventures.

In other news, The Scot had a beard for the latter bit of October through November. Just because he felt like trying it out. I liked the look. But when he decided to shave it off the other day, it had to be documented. So, as the debeardification progressed I took photos. And later we came up with titles. I hope you enjoy:


Oh, and we also put our tree up. I don't generally like fake trees. I'm all about real trees, with the real smell, the real sap, and the real needles. But it's not very feasible here. So our tree is about as fake as it gets. And I love it! (But it's needs a skirt).

I decked the halls

The Christmas spirit is really starting to fill our little flat. Even though we'll be spending the holiday apart (me in Wisconsin and he in Scotland), we'll be back together for New Year's and that's just splendid.

Happy Sunday all!


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