Monday, January 9, 2012

Your Mountain is Waiting

My cousin B and his wife J like to attend the Burning Man festival. This weekend, I saw excited posts on FB regarding upcoming ticket sales and in recent weeks J has found various interesting clothing items to add to her costumery. To me, attending a rave-ish party in a fiery hot, dusty, desert in the summer is a little bit like my personal hell. But for so many, that place is a special once-a-year or once-in-a-lifetime space where they can be free. Where they can be open and expressive and be who they want to be. Or be someone a little bit different for just a few days. I've known a number of people who have attended over the years. While it's not my personal cup of tea, I can fully understand the draw for others.

This past summer a group of Burners put together a great little film which was just released this weekend. It was shared with me by my friend Melanie (who often brings little bits of interestingness into my life). This fabulous film is a version of Dr. Suess' masterpiece Oh, The Places You'll Go. The wacky world of Burning Man is, to me, a very Seussian place. It is built on acceptance and community and creative endeavor. And the people who help to share the words in the film do a remarkeable job. (warning: contains a tiny bit of arty nekkidness)

(If you're unfamiliar with the original or don't have a library where you can look at one, you can see the Seuss artwork with reading by John Lithgow here).

I hope this brings a bit of sunshine to your Monday morning. It did to mine on another dreary, overcast, possibly rainy London day.

Today is your day!


Julie said...

Totally love the video, totally don't ever want to attend ;)

NESHA said...

The video is interesting but would sooo never go haha! It's definitely not my cup of tea lol

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