Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hits and Missus

It would seem I have been absent from the blogosphere. I decided in January that I needed a bit of a break from it and am glad I did that. There is SO MUCH going on in LK world right now, but I'm feeling a bit refreshed and I'm back!

"What's she been up to since early January?" you may ask. Well, quite a lot.

I have been planning on moving back to Wisconsin. My visa is up just after Easter, so I'll be heading home to spend the summer in the Midwest, enjoy time with my parents, coo over my baby niece (who, with her parents, will be relocating to WI around the same time), and relax a bit from the stresses of life in London of late.

Also, I've been baking. A lot. Mostly for The Scot and his officemates (because I have no real coworkers, and his are wonderful):

cakes cakes cakes

But also just for fun:


I'm debating doing something (probably rather informally) with my baking when I get back to the US. It's been something I've been lovely more and more over the past couple years.

Lastly, and most importantly, was the news of last week. The thing in my life that I have been wanting for a very. long. time. And a thing that will facilitate more cake (as well as gobs of happiness for years).


The Scot proposed last Tuesday. (Why yes, it was Valentine's Day - I was as shocked by that combination as anyone). I am as happy as happy can be. He is most certainly the man for me. The ring was my paternal grandmother's and while I've had it for many years, I've been waiting to have the reason to wear it. He's had it in his possession for a while now and it was hard to let him get those 4 words out of his mouth before I nearly screamed "YES!!"

non-fuzzy shots of the ring. :) :) :)

The planning has already begun!

We spent the weekend in Scotland at a the wedding of on of The Scot's uni friends and his lovely bride. There were kilts. So. Many. Kilts. This made me so happy. I love me a good kilt. And it got me even more excited for our own wedding.


Kilts = happiness. And these days I'm a pretty happy girl.

More to come. Baking, crafting, wedding goodness. Hoorah!