Saturday, March 17, 2012

Women of a Certain Age

I have reached a Certain Age. No, I don't mean that lovely 50s-60s sort of space where no one dare utter how many years you have been on the planet. Not the lovely bubble of gracefully aging occupied by Hellen Mirren or Judi Dench or my mother. No, no, not that sort of certain age, but a certain age that is both exciting and scary.



While away in Scotland visiting the soon-to-be-in-laws (and other family and friends-of-the-boy), the day came. I admit, I did shed a few tears the night before. My youth! Is it gone? Am I a bona fide adult now? What about my plans? Oh, the plans I had! Plans made at 16, at 21, at 25, even at 28. Some the same, some changed, some amended and some laughable now as I look back on where my younger self thought I'd be when I hit this milestone.

I started my 4th decade with a lovely gift from The Scot, his mum, and his gran.

Miss Phoebe

Yes, like many a 3 year old I got a dolly. A lovely Suzi Hysteric Middie Blythe and, after a few days of namelessness, I have decided that she is called Phoebe. She is in dire need of a wardrobe, but that'll happen soon enough.

It was a pretty great day. Lunch with the boy's fam, cake at home, then drinks with some of the mister's Edinburgh friends at The Villager. Tasty cocktails that seemed such a bargain as anywhere outside of London always does when you're used to ridiculous London pricing.


Even Phoebe had a good time.


Turning 30 is a little bit scary. And a little bit exciting. SO much is happening in the coming 12 months: moving (2 or 3 times!), spending much time with my family, getting MARRIED! It'll be an adventurous start to the decade, if nothing else. And I get to spend it with this guy:

obligatory self-portrait of the night

...so it should be pretty great.


Nuwandalice said...

I think 30 sounds rather lovely! Especially as you're in for such a wonderful year :) Youthful yet full of wisdom. That's how I imagine 30! ;)

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