Friday, April 13, 2012

On leaving London

It's just past midnight as I am writing this. Midnight Wisconsin time. I'm in London no more.

This year will involve at least one more move. But for now, and for the next 4-6 months, I'll be living life at a slightly slower pace. Surrounded by trees and flowers rather than buses and black cabs and the Thames.

It wasn't easy to leave the place I've called home for nearly 3 years. And it was harder to get on an airplane and fly away from my wonderful fiance (who, as it happens, was getting a plane about 45 minutes later to head to NYC). I am pretty crap at being apart from those I love. But years of living abroad have made me a bit hardier. So I'm sure we'll muster through.

Over the past about 2 weeks I've been snapping pics of London life on my phone. I wanted a little collection before we left. Some were of the daily sort of things and some were of personal bits of the life The Scot and I have had together the past couple years. But I wanted to share some of them as I think they make a nice little snapshot of life in London, Spring 2012.

Packing//Sad, blank walls//Engagement-Going Away Party balloons//Mmm, fondue & Rekorderlig

Old signage at Victoria station//(sort-of) Easter chocolates from the best chocolatier in London//The Scot//Waiting for another bus

Spring blossoms//Doughballs!!!//Our home//a Chelsea pensioner on the bus

Dinner on our last night at our favorite pub//The best wallpaper. Ever. //Glowing crowns help facilitate better packing//One last busventure

Lovely Albert Bridge//A last look up at our building//Checking departure info//Terminal 3, Gate 34

Safety first//seat 37A (but I had B too)//Flying up//Flying down

This move has me in many minds. Many feelings. I will miss London. I will miss the home I created with the man I love dearly. I will miss the ease of public transportation. I will miss Rekorderlig and Crabbie's. And Doughballs from Pizza Express. I will miss the parks.

But I gain the closeness of family. A midwestern Spring and Summer. Tacos and frozen custard (but not together). Cheese curds. Butter on movie theatre popcorn. The opportunity to attend the US Blythecon in Dallas.

Lose some, gain some. All things are a trade off. I arrived home to Pantone chips to help me plan the wedding and a new dolly dress my mother picked up for me at a recent local doll show. My sister arrives with my niece tomorrow (as she is also moving back to Wisconsin this week, coincidentally) and my brother arrives Saturday morning as the aforementioned niece is being baptized on Sunday. Soon I'll be surrounded by family. My fiance is only 1 time zone away. And we know how to use a phone.

Change is in the air all around. But it does seem to be looking up.

p.s. - I spent a chunk of tonight redesigning ye olde blog. Big pictures. Clean lines. A nice change :)