Saturday, May 12, 2012

One Month

One month ago today I left London, the city I'd been calling home for nearly 3 years and flew to Wisconsin, land of my youth. Adjusting has been a bit harder than I anticipated. As you may know, I'm staying with my parents until my wedding and joining my lovely fiance in The Big Apple after we're hitched. The practicality of this for the sake of wedding planning (and housesitting, as I'll be doing for much of the summer) is good. The reality of being ~1000 miles away from the man I love is a bit less than good.

This blog has been rather quiet over the last month and might remain a bit quiet for a short while. While I'd love to have exciting things to share, right now life is just in a state of adjustment.

However, in the past month I've been having a nice time a lot of the time.

There has been dolly fun:

garden girl

I went to an alpaca show (mostly to see the cute creatures):
oh, hai

And this little munchkin has been around a lot:

So things are mostly alright. And they're getting to better than alright. I've been doing a fair bit of wedding planning and while I really would love to slap all my ideas out here for the world to see, I am doing my very best to keep most of the prettiness under wraps until the big day.

Mostly, I am missing this dude:
my prince!

(who wouldn't?)

2 weeks from now will be a wee trip to NYC. That'll be a nice little adventure.

New things coming soon? I do very hope.


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