Friday, June 8, 2012

Little. Yellow. Different.

A blog post about painkillers, you think? Not quite. I thought I'd write a little post extolling the virtues of one of my favorite reasons to get away to the family cabin. Not only is it quite, tranquil, laid back, and on a fabulous island, but there I keep the only vehicle I currently own.

the coolest way to get around

My moped.

Sam (named when I first got her, though I really think it isn't right and she should be re-christened as something else) is a 1981 Yamaha QT. I may have related the story of how I got her on this blog when I first got her. But I'll tell it again, anyhow.

One weekend on Washington Island a few years back, my mother and I were out on a search for rummage sales (because island yard sales are always interesting) and we passed one that was winding down. The hosts were pushing 2 old mopeds out to the roadside with "free" signs. We turned around and went back to look into the situation. There was a yellow one and a red one. Another person pulled up at the same time. We were told that neither ran, but that they were happy to give them away. I'd always wanted a Vespa, and a moped seemed the next best thing to a proper scooter. Since we'd travelled up in my dad's truck, it seemed a decent risk. If I could get her fixed up, great. If not, it was a free moped that I could get rid of. We got the title signed over and took her back home with us. A scooter shop in Madison fixed her up (and pointed out that the main issue was that there was no battery...) and I got her re-licensed and insured (though my agent laughed when I called and wanted to add her to my policy). All in, including a helmet, it cost < $300. A steal.
moped love

These days she lives happily back up on the island. Providing fun, if not always reliable, transportation when I'm up there. She's not fancy, her horn is broken, her headlight only runs on highbeam, and she doesn't like to start properly, and doesn't like steep hills. But once she gets going down the road, there is nothing more fun.

hot sun, cold water

It was a great weekend to be up on the island. Even though it rained throughout most of Saturday, it's still early enough in the season that things in town were still calm and the roads were mostly empty. I took a little joyride around the island and stopped at Schoolhouse Beach for a sit down and some dolly snaps.

There was a tugboat in the harbor when we left. I have never seen a cuter boat. So fun!

tuggy the tugboat

So many fun ways to get around. But I still think a moped beats a tugboat.


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