Friday, July 20, 2012

Pop! Bam! Boom!

Let us now resign ourselves to the fact that in this summer of pre-wedding craziness; this summer of the 1st of 3 moves in 18 months; this summer of general craziness and strange living, that this blog may continue to be a bit silent. It's been 6 weeks since last I checked in. And not because I haven't been up to anything (I most certainly have), but because right now I'm trying to decide on the directions a few things in my life will take - this blog being one of them - and it's been put on the side burner for the time being.


The boy came to Wisconsin for 4th Of July week. Yes, there is irony in that. He is indeed British. But, really, it was the English king that the colonists didn't like. And he wasn't very good to the Scots either. So I think all is well.

After a day and a bit chilling here at my parents' place, we got in the car and drove to the family cabin on Washington Island. My sister, her hubs, and the bebe came too. The weather was superb for nearly the whole week. It was sunny, but breezy. The water was clear and warm and the mosquitos weren't hardly a bother. We relaxed like proper not-quite-as-young-as-we-used-to-be types.


We also enjoyed playing with sparklers and long exposures.

Playing with Tinsel
I went a bit wild*

Love Sparkles
He went romantical*

We swam/flounced about in the lovely, bathtub-warm, shallows at the Jackson Harbor Ridges.

Rock Formation

Laura on the Lake

I think Maia wished I had brought along a dolly swimsuit.

maia in the sunshine

The Scot was very excited for his first proper Independence Day fireworks. We got to the park early to get good spots and everything...

waiting for the fireworks

...and then the one and only big of rain for the week showed up about 15 minutes before showtime. It rained the whole night.

But it was dry on the 5th :)

Big Fireworks

Another dry night also meant more fun with things that sparkle and nicer cameras than mine!

L + A
(the heart didn't quite make it)*

Lasso Style

I think I could play with sparklers and cameras for days. Definitely something to play with again in the future.

As it always happens, the week ended too soon. The Scot headed back to the East Coast and we won't see each other til late September. 2 1/2 months - the longest we've yet to be apart. Our max has been 6 weeks, and that was crap. We're 2 weeks down, though, and I'm plugging along. In the meantime, I'm keeping myself occupied planning the upcoming nuptials (3 months away!) and getting lots of tiny things made for BlytheCon in Dallas. Dollies! New friends! Shopping! It'll be nearly as fun as fireworks.

* = photo by The Scot


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