Saturday, August 11, 2012

A Day at the Fair

Once again this year I was able to attend the Wisconsin State Fair. The fair is always on the week of my sister's birthday and since she's back in WI as well this time around, the whole fam drove to West Allis to partake in fair fun for her birthday.

Our state fair is a great state fair...

Apart from not having The Scot with me, this year's fair was similar to last year's (albeit with lovely overcast skies as opposed to glaring hot sun).

We saw some animals:
heelan coos

Appreciated the craftiness and skills of fellow Wisconsinites:
a warm quilt
veggies and bottles

Ate the best cream puffs known to mankind:
cream puffs!

And generally had a fun day out.

I braved the expo hall to get a new salsa-making/food processing gadget after the one I bought last year (and loved) cracked and had to be thrown away. *Note to self - whatever the salesguy says, they are not dishwasher safe.

My goal to not end up being the person who carries everything around the fairgrounds meant taking a tiny purse. And a tiny purse = tiny dolly. Phoebe was happy to come along. She even brought her new 'wubba chiken' to visit the fancy chickens in the small animal barn.

wubba meets wooster

I don't know when the next time I'll get to the fair will be. Maybe not for a few years. It's always a bit crazy, but always lots of fun. Whenever the day will be, I'm already looking forward to it.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Big and Bright

Things that Blythe eyes and Texan stars have in common: they're both big and bright. Clearly a match made in heaven.

Last weekend was spent at the Gaylord Texan hotel near Dallas for BlytheCon 2012. It's the 3rd American BlytheCon, the 1st American BlytheCon I've attended, and my 3rd BlytheCon overall. And it was good.

Found our seat! Texas, here we come! #blythecon
Diana, being a seasoned traveller, wasn't too fussed about the bus ride to Chicago and the plane to Dallas

My photos don't do the weekend justice. Partly because I didn't take many as I was busy actually talking to people and such. But also because the auto-focus on my camera seems to be a bit less reliable these days and many photos look a bit like they were taken by my grandma (who was known for her ever-shaky snapshots).

The hotel the Con was held as was great as a function space, but horrible as a hotel. On the upside, they had a family fun thing going on and I got this caricature that doesn't look like me done for free!

Dolly caricature!!!!!!

On Friday night I met up with a small group (including organizers Mara and Erica) for some chatting and general niceities and met some new people. Yay new people!

Saturday was fun at the pool in the afternoon (where apparently I took no photos - even though I even remembered a dolly swimsuit for Edesia and everything!) followed by a dinner at the sub-par Mexican restaurant in the hotel for 75ish of the BC attendees.

Pre-con dinner
Pre-BC dinner
Pre-BC dinner
Pre-BC dinner

On Sunday it was officially BlytheCon Day. My stall was ready.
My stall! #blythecon

and I had my wares

My stall fared decently throughout the day. Especially considering my Etsy shop has been offline for a while and a lot of US people have no idea who I am. I was happy with how things went.

The day was long, but it went by in a flash.
blythecon 2012
blythecon 2012
blythecon 2012
blythecon 2012
blythecon 2012

So many new people met (hello, new friends who might be reading this!) and so many lovely dollies were seen and sighed about.

blythecon 2012
blythecon 2012
Lovely little ghost girl. #blythecon

One of the best parts was finally meeting Kate/Moofala/Chantilly Lace Customs. I've adored her girls for ages and I got to hold one in my hand! Even though I had no way near enough funds to own one, that was cool. And the ever-rare occasion of FINALLY getting to meet someone I've long-followed on Flickr is great, too.

blythecon 2012

As the day wound down, the big raffles began. I was lucky enough to win THREE times! And two of those prizes are particularly fabulous.
my raffle wins!

My shopping budget was modest by default of being out of work and having booked the trip to TX on credit already. And while I didn't get close to as much stuff as I would have liked, I still was pleased as punch with what I brought home.
my purchases

BlytheCon 2013 is going to be in NYC. Hopefully it happens before The Scot and I return to London, but that's looking less likely. If that's the case, then BlytheCon UK is Glasgow may be my next big dolly gathering. But wherever it is, and whoever will be there, I really look forward to it.

Dolly people are the best.
Diana is a patient waiter.

p.s. - You may have noticed on flickr, etc. that I am now on Instagram. I finally got an American cell phone. Find me on there as "LKisCrafty" :)