Thursday, October 4, 2012

Absence makes the heart grow fonder

This summer has been full of me disappearing from this blog. And each time I go, I promise to return. And, again, I have. It's really been such an odd sort of season.

Nearly 2 months have passed since my last post. A lot has happened. I'm getting married in 17 days. Seventeen days. Days. It's still a very weird idea. And yet it's a great one.

Just before BlytheCon in Dallas I broke down and got a US cell phone. My UK phone *could* have done a SIM only deal, but it was getting a touch outdated and the SIM onl deals in this country are a bit crap. So I got a shiny new phone and finally was able to use Instagram. And, like so many others before me, I've fallen in love. So, loyal readers, I present the last almost2months in square format snapshots.

Time to pack up months of planning and craftiness. Fly, little invites, fly! #wedding
I put my wedding invitations together and sent them off to all corners of the world. And I learned that it takes nearly a month longer for one to get from WI to certain parts of IL than it does to get to Armenia...

My veil arrived. I enjoy it's poufiness.

love this bebe
Quite a lot of time has been spent with the cutest niece ever.

snakes alive!
Labor Day weekend was spent being an awesome cousin. Snakes at the Nature Center are pretty fantastic, you know.

summer sun
I enjoyed the last bits of summer.

Love this yarn. And tiny sweaters. (It needs finishing yet). #Blythe #knitting
More tiny sweaters have been on and off the needles.

back to school
School started - and with it, I started getting a tiny bit of work again (yay!).

After 12 weeks apart, The Scot flew in for a long weekend where my brother was also in Wisconsin for a race. The boy helped the brother balance the weight of the car. I think he felt a little fancy.

brother bear
My brother played the role of awesome uncle. If perhaps a bit less enthusiastically than I do.

corn maze
The boy and I kicked ass at a local corn maze. It was such fun!

auntie lk
More adoration was thrown upon the cutest relation I have.

sherbet punch
Last sister my sister won a party from Fisher Price. We made sherbet punch. It was like being 10 again. I loved it (and that's the first time I've ever used that punch bowl since it was given to me in 2006).

tea time
On Sunday, my godmother and my sister threw me the sweetest little bridal shower tea. No big silly games (just a "guess the spice" quiz), but it was delightful!

Fall is here in full force (but I hope it holds on long enough for the wedding!)

Awesome Autumn sunset over a corn field. #nofilter
Tonight's sunset was amazing.

I'll return soon. Probably with pre-wedding freakouts. Definitely shortly thereafter. I'm starting Project Life after the wedding. It'll complement the scrapbooking that I've also been doing a bunch of again (hoorah!). Gotta start married life with a bang, anyhow.


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