Monday, December 24, 2012

A Very Doll-y Holiday

Last weekend I attended my first NYC Blythe meet. My first Blythe meet (apart from BlytheCon) in the US, in fact. While I'd met a couple of the other people there in Dallas, it was mostly new people.

haunting girl

The meet was hosted by Katja and Linda (lovely gals) at the party room in Katja's condo building on Roosevelt Island. I'd never been over to Roosevelt Island so that was a nice little adventure. The boy tagged along (gladly, even) and even took a good bunch of the nice photos of the day. We took the subway over and had planned to take the tram back to Manhattan, but the weather took a turn for gross and we're saving that trip for another time when we can get some sunshiney photos of the skyline.

hi there, tram
the tram across the sky near the Queensboro bridge

my girls
my girls

ta-da! ready to party
gorgeous eyes // ready to party

sisters (or cousins, at least).
Kenner love

so light

a little haunting
Melissa's ghostly gal

We'll likely not still be in the NYC area when the next US BlytheCon happens (in NYC), so it was great to meet some new folks now and get a feel for the Blythe community here. I still really miss my London Blythe peeps and can't wait to get back to the great meet-up spots there, but until then I hope to have a few more fun meets here in New York.

where's my dreidel?


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