Monday, December 3, 2012

LK + A {getting ready}

So I got married. October 20. It was fabulous. And so begin the blog catch-ups.

Before the church and the wedding and the photo time and the party was the getting ready. I got ready at my parents' house with my bridesmaids and the boy got ready at the place his dad was renting for the trip - he met up with his boys later.

the shoes
The shoes
(they're by Poetic Licence)

flower girl baskets
Flowers all ready for the flowergirls

The girls and I put the bouquets together on Friday, all wrapped in our wedding tartan

the dress
The Dress
(it's a custom design from Dolly Couture)

the hair and the makeup
Getting all prettied up (that's Mom to the left)

so. many. buttons.
So. Many. Buttons. (My pal Keli & my mom helped)

cuffs and such
Cuffs and garters and kilts, oh my!

tied up
Father/son tie fastening

groom mirror
Straightening up

zip zip zip
Zip, zip, zip

let's go!
Let's go!!

Onward to the church and the wedding and more fun!  I'll be updating the blog with more wedding-y details over the next week or two. Details about the invitations and the crafty bits to come as well.

Being married is ace.

*All photos of me/the ladies by Sondra Ralston Photography. All photos of the boy are his own.


Ditsy Print said...

You look so beautiful and so happy! Congratulations!

Eden Gramith said...

You look absolutely stunning and more importantly SO happy! Congrats, dear! xo

laura kate said...

Thanks Clare and Eden :)

Teddy Edward said...

Beautiful photos of a wonderful couple on a fantastic day

Dad-in-law and Step-mum-in-law

PS Moira will submit her photographer's invoice shortly

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