Monday, December 10, 2012

LK + A {party time}

Post 4 in a short series about my recent wedding.

We were done with all the portrait taking and it was time to get down to the fun stuff: our reception!

This photo, taken by Alan's cousin Cathy, is one of my favorites of the day. Dudes walking to the reception with the Capitol in the background.

Our reception venue was the Madison Children's Museum. A lot of our friends and family thought a children's museum was an odd choice for a reception venue - until they arrived. Located on the Capitol square, it's a marvelous venue and one I hadn't really seen before moving back to WI this Spring since the museum's old home (the one I grew up with) was at a different location. Our cocktail hour was held on the rooftop garden, which is full of plants, chickens (in a coop!), songbirds, sculptures, and even a crow's nest to climb up and take in the views of the Lakes Mendota and Monona. The cocktail hour and dinner had a playlist created by me of string versions of not-very-traditional songs. Here's a taste:
LK + A reception tunes by LK on Grooveshark

Lots of smiles from the little ones

Dad and his best friend // a chat with my lovely Aunt Louise

Chatting with my oldest friend // Alan and his workmates

The cutest ringbearer/niece around! (And also my brother-in-law)

Then it was on to dinner on the 2nd floor of the museum. We had a taco buffet. In our strive to be budget-concious as well as a bit fun, tacos ended up being a front-runner. After meeting with the folks from Tex Tubb's Taco Palace, we were happy with our choice. In the end, it worked out as the best choice for meat eaters and veggies and picky kids and hungry adults. Tacos, people. Tacos.
The time arrived for speeches. We had some winners. My Maid of Honor, Megan, made us double over with laughter as she delivered the wedding speech from The Princess Bride. I love her. Alan's dad gave a speech in Scots while wearing a "traditional" hat. It was brilliant.

Ally gives his lovely Best Man's speech // "Mawwiage...is what bwings us togevver today..."

Alan's dad gives his amusing Scottish speech // My dad appears to be hosting a game show.

Dinner was over, the speeches were spoken, and it was time to dance! Our first dance was a little surprise for Alan. In the weeks before the wedding I snuck away to a quiet room on a few nights and recorded a version of The Magnetic Fields' "The Book of Love." He didn't quite catch on that it was me at first and a number of my relatives didn't believe it was me. (Clearly the multiple degrees in music education haven't convinced them that I can sing). It was really special.

1st dance
First dance

The Book of Love by The Magnetic Fields on Grooveshark

parent dance
Father & daughter // Mother & son

Daughter by Loudon Wainwright III on Grooveshark Forever Young by Rod Stewart on Grooveshark

Time to party!

Polka time! (This is Wisconsin, after all!)

A small pause in dancing to cut the cake and have some coffee. Our cake flavors were salted caramel and coconut. They were divine.

Busting some sweet moves

hamster wheel
Every reception venue should have a human-sized hamster wheel

lk scar dance
Every reception should also have cute little kids. They're good fun.

bouquet toss
The bouquet was tossed to the small amount of single ladyfolk and my fab bridesmaid Keli was the victor!

Wishing And Hoping by Ani DiFranco on Grooveshark

She earned a special dance with her squeeze, Ashley

Getting into "Cotton-eyed Joe" // The boys master the air guitar

Another favorite photo from the night - my cousin Sarah and her husband Reggie having a blast

Husband/wife dancing is where it's at

My cousins are the coolest people around...

boys in bonnets
The boys paused to get their hair done. (Another reason why a children's museum is a great place to be after a few drinks).

The last dance. We went for the traditional Scottish closer of "Loch Lomond."

Loch Lomond by Runrig on Grooveshark

Smiles and tears all over

parent hugs
Hugs for the parents for being awesome

LK + A kiss
And a final reception kiss

And that's it. Our wedding day was over. I've got a few more details to blog about this week, though. Decor, invitations, and such. Do please check back!

All photos by Sondra Ralston Photography


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