Friday, December 7, 2012

LK + A {snapping some pics}

Post 3 in a short series about my recent wedding.

After we were properly married, covered in confetti and showered with hugs, it was time to take some fancy pictures. We started traditional, and then had some fun.

The requisite snaps in the church were had. Of the many were one with my family, Alan's family, and me with my flower girls.

Then it was time to take advantage of the lovely late afternoon light (it was about 90 minutes before sunset at this point) and get some photos outside in the beautiful setting of our church. These are the best of the 'formal' pics, in my opinion.

First, a wonderful photo with my marvelous bridesmaids Julie, Keli, Erin, and Megan (my Maid of Honor). I've known all these gals since our days together at Stephens College and even though we don't get to see each other very often (since we live all over the world, these days), it's always great to spend time with them and I was ecstatic that they could all be there with me on my wedding day.

Alan and his kilted groomsmen also got a shnazzy outdoor pic. Michael, Alastair (the Best Man), and Kieron all flew over from Scotland to be in Wisconsin for the wedding (and all made little American vacations of it, actually). Friends who will fly halfway around the world to stand up next to you on your big day are the best sort of friends.

formal portrait outdoor
This is my favorite formal photo of us. It's the one I'll be getting a big ol' print of for our wall. The one that I hope our future kids will be familiar with and think of when they think of our wedding day (much like I think of a certain square format photo of my parents on the deck in the sunset on their wedding day). I just love it.

After we finished up at the church, it was time to have some fun. I wanted to have some rather non-traditional wedding photos that really spoke to our location. Although our ceremony was held out in the country at a church that shares a small road with nothing than a couple farms, our reception was held in Madison. Madison is known for being a bit quirky. One of those quirks is a restaurant filled with animatronic delights housed in a carousel-shaped building. In addition to being shaped like a carousel, Ella's Deli has a great old carousel outside. To the surprise of onlookers and diners inside, we all hopped on the carousel with our photographer in tow.

lk+a carousel
Riding a carousel in a poufy tulle dress and a kilt are equally challenging!

bw carousel
I suggested a Mary Poppins-style race...

Our last stop for formal-ish photos was the Wisconsin State Capitol building. Though I really wanted some photos on the long steps leading to State street with the Capitol dome in the background, that plan got ditched when another wedding party was there and absolutely refused to move even after they'd finished. A bit rude, but we still got some beauts in the waning sunlight.

capitol kiss

kisses at the capitol
This was totally undirected and the looks on the faces of the wedding party (particularly Keli, in grey) were a hoot!

capitol portrait
We were just pretty darn happy.

Tune in next time as I share a bit about our fab reception and our super fun reception venue.

All photos by Sondra Ralston Photography


inkygirl said...

Congratulations Laura on your fabulous wedding day, looks like a lovely day. Best wishes for you both, from me and the moshi-moshi elves.

laura kate said...

Thanks so much!

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