Wednesday, December 19, 2012

LK + A {the favors}

Post 6 in a short series about my recent wedding.

Wedding favors are an odd thing. Usually the bride and groom decide on what they will be and make sure that everyone gets what's on offer. It used to be pretty standard to get an embossed matchbook or a tulle sachet full of jordan almonds. These days, if you look online or in any shop that sells wedding-related stuff, there are any manor of options for favors. And in the vein of an industry that wants you to buy allthethings, they're stupidly expensive. 80% of the time, after spending a boatload on those tiny picture frames or quirky corkscrews, etc. the guests leave them behind. I've always found the more personal favors to be nicer. And more meaningful. So I made my own.

Last year I got a button maker. 1 inch. It's marvelous. If you're at all crafty or button-inclined (I've collected them for years), I highly recommend the investment. Anyhow, I'd used it for 1 big project, but then just a few little things. When I purchased it, though, I had ideas floating around. And those ideas came to full fruition for the wedding.

Placecards are placecards and favors are favors. Until you take the time to make each and every placecard 100% unique with a button (the back edges had a thank you message from the 2 of us). This endeavor took a good bit of time. Since I didn't know all the people coming to the wedding from Alan's side, he helped a bunch with coming up with ideas. In the end, all the adults had buttons personalized to their interests and all the kids got buttons with their initials on a fun background. After designing, punching out, and making the buttons, they all got attached to their individual placecards (more punching!). It was a wee bit stressful, but totally worth it.

The placecards and buttons assembled together at home (photo by Alan)

My cousin Rory is a comic book geek who loves The Green Lantern. He got a Green Lantern button. My pal Jessie is a Kentucky girl who loves horse racing so she got a racehorse. Ian loves beer = steins, Greg teaches Social Studies = globe, Jessica is a burner = Burning Man, Joe is a gamer = 20-sided die, etc. etc.

We couldn't have anticipated how well our guests would respond. Take a peek at these photos and spot the buttons! People not only liked them, but put them on straight away. Seeing everyone wear them throughout the night made us both really happy. A lot of our guests were so surprised that we would make such a personal gesture toward them on our special day. To me, it was just a fun thing to do.

This last photo is me with my brother & sister + all my amazing cousins. I love it.
(all but last © Sondra Ralston Photography, used with permission)

If you choose to have wedding favors, take a chance on something a bit personal. It really helped our guests connect with our day and I bet it would do the same for you.


Teddy Edward said...


The buttons (or badges as we call them) were truly awesome. I loved my Dipper as it is my favourite bird and Moira could not believe you managed to get the Craw's Nest logo (it's where we got married). Just another great touch on what was a prefect wedding.....
Dad and Moira in law

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