Friday, December 14, 2012

LK + A {the invitations}

Post 5 in a short series about my recent wedding.

One of my favorite details of our wedding was the invitations. Our invitations were quite the labor of love. Having gotten the idea of printing on handkerchiefs from Martha Stewart (who else?) a while back, I got it in my head that when we got married I wanted to use this idea for our invitations.

Our invitation suite

I began to search for handkerchiefs before we were engaged. A good while before. I had faith, you see. And I also learned in just browsing around that finding vintage handkerchiefs that had blank centers and that were in a good shape to print on (as well as in my price range) was not an easy task. My mom was in on it since last Christmas (and, yes, some of you may recall we just got engaged this past February...)

A sampling of the many invitations

Shortly after we got engaged, before we left London, I started sending out some inquiries to local-to-WI screen printers as I'd already determined that trying the printing myself was going to be cost-prohibitive. Shockingly, a lot of local printers were even worse. In the end, I found a great family-owned print shop that was willing to take on my project. Ameriprint were absolutely great to work with and were excited about my unique project with me, which was pretty cool. They printed about 95 invitations for me, which was about 10 more than we needed. Only a few were duds (all due to weird print area), but most were keepers. (You can see all of them laid out here). No two were the same.

invitewrapped replycard
All wrapped up // Our fun reply cards

I designed the rest of the suite to reflect a bit of our personality, our color scheme, and the feel of our wedding. The reply cards featured a print from a vintage Wisconsin tourist postcard (now in the public domain) on the front, since many of our guests were journeying to the state for the first time for the wedding and because I knew we would be aiming to feature WI local food and drink at our reception. The invitations, when wrapped to be placed in the envelope were tied shut with a small navy ribbon holding a punched out cardstock tag that I'd printed with our wedding website address and silhouettes of the 2 of us. Originally, I had hoped to have a silhouette artist at the reception, but by the time I was preparing the invitations I knew that was likely not going to happen, but I still wanted a touch of that idea included. So tiny us on the tags it was!

Tag detail

The envelopes were from Paper Source, who were amazing when my order turned out to have not gone through and I didn't know until the envelopes didn't arrive when I expected! They got them out that afternoon and I had them the next day (3 cheers for Chicago --> WI mail!). Since the outer envelopes were a dark purple/eggplant color, they were all addressed with silver ink. They looked quite shnazzy.

Time to pack up months of planning and craftiness. Fly, little invites, fly! #wedding
All ready to post

It was quite an undertaking, but it was a fun one. If you have a little bit of time and patience, I wholly recommend doing as much DIY as you can. It starts making the wedding special before it even begins!

So. Many. Invitations.

I've got a couple other little details to share. But this one was my favorite and it was so fun to get emails and texts and phone calls and instagrams from friends and family commenting on how special they thought the invites were. It helped make our wedding ours.


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