Monday, January 21, 2013

He's the chief and he needs hailing

Today I had been planning to write a short and sweet post for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and share a little printable with you.

And then I watched the inauguration festivities.

I am personally a fan of Barack Obama. While he didn't thrill me during every moment of his 1st term, he did continue to keep my hopes up. And I have faith that he'll continue working for the good of all in his next term. Even though he was officially sworn in yesterday (as per the constitution), I think it fitting that today, the public holiday honoring the great works of Dr. King, is the day that the big public inauguration hoopla is happening. And the inauguration speech given by President Obama is really what changed my planned post today.

Now, instead of offering a simple quote card with a favorite line from MLK's "I Have a Dream" speech, I have also made a card featuring an excerpt from the lovely speech given this morning. This part of the speech made reference to 3 places that, for many of us in this world who believe in equality for all, hold a lot of meaning: Seneca Falls, Selma, & Stonewall. These are American places, but the things they represent are universal.

Anyhow. I'm rambling philosophical a bit. I hope you enjoy either or both of these cards today.

 photo speechcards_zpsccb5d8be.jpg
> > > Download them here < < <

And then, on a lighter note, the title of today's post comes from this excellent scene from the mid-90s movie My Fellow Americans. Ever since I first saw this movie (in the theatre), I haven't been able to hear "Hail to The Chief" without singing along. Enjoy.

I'll be back tomorrow to share my Project Life week 3 pages!


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