Friday, January 18, 2013

Make Your Bed

My mother didn't hand out a lot of marriage advice to me this Fall as I was getting ready for the wedding. A road trip cross-country to help us get set up in our new little home didn't bring many deep thoughts either. But when she saw our apartment, she gave me this one little gem: "Make your bed. Everyday."

make your bed

Totally simple, right? Well, I'm a chronic non-bed-maker. My whole life, I've just not been very good at doing it. But since November, I've embraced the bed-making! It doesn't matter if the sheets are pressed, or if everything is tucked just so. I just make it. Simply and neatly. This space we live in now is a quirky one. The building is a converted brownstone. So, while it's about twice the size of our 1 bedroom in London, it's much more open plan. Our living room/bedroom space is quite clearly the old parlour of the house. No wall or doors separate the spaces, just a pretty set of built-in shelves. To look at an unmade bed in this layout is to suck all the joy and life and energy out of the space.

My mom was right.

I told The Scot from Day 1 that I wanted to make a point to do this. You have no idea how much it has helped me feel like this space is calm and composed and together - even when it hasn't been.

Lately I've been reading about people doing things to help them be. Yoga, running, setting a daily routine, washing the dishes, etc. etc. It's different for every person. By nature I am a bit of a Muggy Maggie. It takes a concerted effort (plus the help of my excellent husband) to keep my kitchen clean (it very often is a mess of dishes and flour and junk mail on the counter). Laundry often has a hard time getting the whole 10 feet from my side of the bed to the hamper. Neatness takes thought.

My life is a bit all over the place these days. But my bed is made. And that's a start.


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