Wednesday, January 2, 2013

On Resolutions

So I talked a bit about my thoughts for 2013 in my last post (well, embracing the thoughts of Neil Gaiman) but I haven't really set any proper resolutions. I'm just trying to approach 2013 positively and with open arms.

When I got the Dec 12/Jan 13 copy of Bust magazine it featured a short, but excellent article by Roseanne Barr about resolutions for 2013. They weren't shocking. They weren't unattainable. They were empowering and while focused on self-betterment, weren't self-damaging. They were excellent ideas to embrace as we begin 2013 or any other year or at any other time. I loved the article! And I LOVED that it came with a pull-out "poster", hand-lettered by Christiane Engel, which I quite happily pulled the magazine in half to remove and tack it up on the wall above my craft table. While I really wanted to share it, I don't have a scanner. So I did a little googleage and shazaam!

I hope you find these thoughts as empowering as I do. If you can, get yourself a copy of Bust and read the article (it's a marvelous magazine if you've never read it). It's grand. (And I discovered a fabulous new-to-me illustrator at the same time!).

Happy Wednesday. Enjoy it.


Eden Marie said...

All of these are so perfect! Simple, and wonderful! :)

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