Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Project Life: Week 3

Here we go: Project Life week 3 for 2013. I've been really enjoying this project, and have kept a few things steady in the past 3 weeks - notably neatly writing with a pen instead of printing & ghost boxes with photo descriptions - but I'm not 100% sure I want to keep the boxes up for the whole year. I think labels and washi are more fun, really. The more I get a chance to look at other PL-ers' creations, the more I want to do a little more adding bits and bobs, sticking on letters, etc. etc. Sadly, 4 years abroad dealing with a very very limited supply stash (and having given most of my old stash away before leaving the country), I'm down on bits of this and that. I need to stock up again!

Anyhow. Here's my spread for Week 3 of 2013:

Why, yes, I did put a PL photo about PL...

This week included a job interview (which, sadly, didn't go any further than that - I was really hopeful and excited about this prospect) and I chose to blur the details of that out. I love that Project Life allows me to tell those little stories. I'd never make a "proper" scrapbook page about an interview or about the yummy burgers we ate for lunch on Saturday. But Project Life makes it easy to tell those little stories in a fun and simple way.

That's a tiny brown bag that fries were served in with our burgers. Adorable!

As I've just started working with a Core Kit, I'm still getting the hang of it as far as using the cards in beautiful ways, etc. But I'm having such a good time and doing Project Life has reignited my love for my 12x12 scrapbooks such that I've gotten SO much done in the past 2 weeks (and I've been using a lot of the smaller insert pages since I have a tendency to take & print way too many photos)! It's awesome.

I LOVE that my husband came home on Sunday afternoon gushing about a new-to-him coffee shop and pulled out a business card "for the book." We're doing this project a bit together and that is *marvelous*.

More Project Life next Tuesday. :)


Anonymous said...

How cool that your hubby is on board!! So much more fun if it is a family effort :) Love how bright and fun your pages are - sorry you didn't get the job you interviewed for!

CreativeTaylor said...

Sorry about the job :/
This is the first I've heard of Project Life - what a cool idea... I always have a hard time keeping up with scrapbooks but I really like this. I flipped through some of the Inspiration books on the Project Life website and they seemed almost like printed blogs to me, LOL

laura kate said...

@Sue - Having him join in is really fun. He's totally keen to share photos (hence the photos here of his work event) and even write a little (he wrote a hilarious account of his office Christmas outing!). Since we're just a family of 2, I really wanted Project Life to be about *us* since my traditional books are all about *me.*

@CreativeTaylor - If you've peeked at Becky Higgins' site and blog, you'll see there are so many ways to use Project Life. I think it's great fun as a week-by-week, but I'm seeing cool examples of month-by-month, or just using it to document life here and there as it happens. I've thought about using the PL system to house dolly photos - it would be excellent! :)

(And thanks both about the job sympathy - I just keep plugging away at trying to find something)

Anonymous said...

I love your Project Life posts! I found my way here through a Pinterest link to one of your PL posts and started poking around. You're doing a great job and I appreciate that you're sharing!! -Jamie G.

laura kate said...

@Jamie - Thank you so much!

Abby Devine said...

Love your layout... Found your blog through the mom creative link up. Your newest follower.

Hope you will follow me too!

laura kate said...

@Abby - Thanks much! I'll check your blog out, too.

Cerise said...

LOVE that your hubby gets excited about adding things!! You layout looks really great. Sorry about the job interview.

laura kate said...

@Cerise - Thanks! I'm loving that he's loving PL. A lot :)

Jodi said...

looks great!!

laura kate said...

@Jodi - Thank you. :)

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