Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Project Life: week 4

4 weeks of 2013 have passed. I'm still going strong with Project Life and am having so many ideas roll through my head. It's fabulous!

This was the first week in 2013 that I have used an insert page (I became quite fond of them as I began PL in 2012). Here's the spread without the insert:
Project Life week 4

And here it is with:

I had a lot of Instagram photos that seemed just great to include this week (some mine, some Alan's), and I used the Design I page protector to add them. In addition to 4x4 photos, I also included a barmat from where we spent our Saturday night with friends.

The left side of the page focused a bunch on the Presidential Inauguration. I used a Slick Writer to add some journaling to the wide shot of the US Capitol building I snapped off the tv broadcast. Additionally, I included both the speeches cards that I shared last Monday.

On the right side, I enjoyed including a sweet text message from the husband sent on Burns Night. I used one of the Seafoam bi-fold journaling cards left flat and attached the screenshot of the text conversation to one side. Love that.

This project continues to be great fun. Check back later in the week for a "big game"-related freebie!


Abby Devine said...

Youy layout this week is great and love your insert? Where do you print your 4x4 instagram pics?

Kelsey McEvoy said...

You're the only other person I've seen (through The Mom Creative's link) that also documented the Inauguration! I live in DC and was supposed to attend this inauguration (I got sidetracked by the toasty warm bar in 2009, when I was literally miles away but the 9 degree + snow weather made me think twice) but it didn't happen :/ I love that you included it! And I LOVE that you included MLK, Jr. Day also -- so did I!

laura kate said...

@Abby - Thanks! My PL photos I print at home (I use a Canon Pixma IX6520), but I've also had 4x4 prints done through Persnickety Prints for my non-PL albums. I highly recommend them. Excellent quality and service.

@Kelsey - Hah! I commented on your page as well. Loved it!

dnsvm said...

Love the Obama pic!! I wanted to add inauguration in, but totally missed any coverage that day! Oops! Excellent pages!!

Stephanie said...

Looks so awesome Laura Kate! I love how everything coordinates! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!

eek said...

Great mix of photos and ephemera. I will be using your freebie on my week 3 and will link you up when it's posted. Thanks again!

laura kate said...

@dnsvm - Thank you

@Stephanie - Thanks for stopping by mine :)

@eek - excellent! :)

Cerise said...

Love your layout!! Everything looks really wonderful. I really like that you included the inauguration.
Also, that lego Wall-E is precious!

Heather Vo said...

Great layout - and love that you included the text message screenshot! I need to remember to do that since it has become such a common form of communication between my hubby and me. Thanks for sharing the inspiration!

laura kate said...

Thank you. The husband has been loving Lego again since Christmas. It's an excellent post-work outlet!

laura kate said...

Glad you were inspired. It's all about the little bits of every day, right?

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