Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Little Failures

So that happened last night.

I was trying out my take on a new-to-me recipe. A recipe that, as it happens, is pretty delicious and with a little more tweaking will eventually end up as an Eat Something Sunday offering, I'm sure. But a recipe that was not destined to be made in my beautiful ribbon loaf pan (my 9x13 cake pan happens to be 1/2 full of leftover Oscars party jello shots in my fridge). I had some yummy dried cherries and I decided to include them. Bad idea. This cake has a very light batter and that meant that, no matter the fact that the pan was properly prepped, the cherries fell to the bottom and stuck fast. After baking and allowing it to cool a bit, I went to turn the cake out onto the cooling rack to finish cooling off and it all started to move...and then the middle fell out.

Crap. (I believe I may have shouted a cartoonish "Nooooooooo!" at the time, in fact). But these things happen. I'd already mixed up a glaze-like icing. So I scooped all the good bits into that bowl, mixed it together and called it a day. It's sort of a trifle. Sort of a pudding (of the British variety). It's decently tasty, even if not what I had planned for.

Things happen. Life happens. You've gotta take it in stride. It's certainly not my first kitchen disaster, and it absolutely won't be my last.

What kitchen disasters have befallen you?


trishie said...

These things certainly do happen. My ultimate baking disaster was when i tried to make an upside down cake and all the syrup leaked through the spring form pan! So messy!

laura kate said...

Eep! That doesn't sound like a fun mess to deal with at all :/

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