Thursday, February 14, 2013

Love this guy

It is Valentine's Day. Day of celebrating the love in our lives. My day started out with the kindest online note from a friend wishing me joy and love in every way this year. It started my day beautifully. But my mind on this day of love is pretty much with one person.

I love this photo because he's looking all fancy-like

Have I told you much about my husband? I don't think I have particularly, apart from bits about our wedding. On this blog he is often known as The Scot or simply the boy, but he's actually called Alan. Last year on Valentine's Day, he surprised me by proposing (using a photo album of our silly self-portraits to lead up to the big question). He has left his home country to come to the US when my visa there expired. He gracefully accepted that our summer (aka: the bulk of our engagement) would be spent mostly apart. He has supported me over the past few years, and particularly this one, when I haven't had much or even any work. He both eats and mostly likes my cooking. He surprises me with nice things. He scratches my back. He accompanies me to Blythe-related events and even helps out! He mostly remains cool-headed when I get panicky. He gives excellent hugs. He loves me no matter the number on the jeans I am wearing at any given time. He is good with children. He is generally just an awesome human being. I am so lucky to have him. We've been married nearly 4 months and have been together about 3 1/2 years. I look forward to as many more years together as we end up being allowed on this earth.

He is most certainly my Valentine.


Meryl said...

Sounds like a keeper! ;)

laura kate said...

I fully agree. :)

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