Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Project Life: Week 6 and a Valentine freebie

Week 6. What a week! The early part of the week was pretty standard, but on Thursday we hopped on an airplane and headed to Wisconsin.

Week 6 sans insert

This week seemed to be quite light in color. All the snow and reflecting light lent itself well to using the lighter tones of the Seafoam PL kit.

front and back of week 6 insert

Although I could've included more than 1 insert, I did my best to pare down our Thursday - Saturday adventures and only put in things that were really worthwhile. In the end, I only needed to use one insert (which is a cut down WRMK divided page). For me, I think Project Life is good at helping me learn to edit and to use photos in different ways - such as the 5 different sizes of Instagram photos I used this week. Remembering that I can use other photos in traditional scrapbook layouts is helpful too. :)

Although I didn't include a specific journaling card, I did enjoy adding a few bits of journaling on larger cards as well as directly on photos. I incorporated a few fun elements this week as well: a geotag card from my friend Meg (who will soon have an {amazing I'm sure} blog), an instagram template from Cathy Zielske, my own Super Bowl card, and some dimensional elements from Amy Tangerine. I'm really feeling like my Project Life style is starting to come into its own (and I love that!).

While my Week 6 pages included the Super Bowl freebie card I made, I've created bit of a lighthearted card set for Valentine's Day (which happens to be Thursday). A simple cupid as well as a lovely lyric (from The Head and the Heart) and a silly one (from 2Gether). The Project Life-friendly cards are available as individual PNGs or all 3 on a single page PDF.

download them > > > here < < <

Have a marvelous Mardi Gras and a beautiful Valentine's Day!


Kelsey McEvoy said...

Oh, wow that U + ME = US ( I know my calculus) brought back some mem.o.ries. LOL. Love your spread for the week, especially the simple "hello, wisconsin" card. Question: where do you take photos of your PL? I have read that you should take them in natural lighting, next to a window. So I've been doing that for the past couple weeks but I get this really intense glare (I never use my flash). What's your secret to getting such great, clear shots?

laura kate said...

Kelsey - I thought having one card that was just silly would be fun. It totally takes me back to high school!

As for taking photos of my PL, right now I'm taking them on my kitchen floor about 5 feet from our South/Southwest facing windows in the morning or early afternoon. It's a set of 3 windows and I keep the blinds down on 2 and up on 1 when I take my photos so I'm only getting indirect, though natural, light. These were taken earlier this afternoon on a rather overcast day. I use a Canon Rebel XS (aka 1000D) and if I'm getting glare I just move the pages and/or myself til I get a good angle. If you haven't seen it, Ali Edwards recently shared a great post about photographing PL (and I found that I take my photos taking approach is very similar to hers). It's here --> http://aliedwards.com/2013/01/photographing-project-life.html

Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)

Abby Devine said...

Great layout... looks like a fun trip, the snow is so pretty! The freebies are great, thanks!!

laura kate said...

Thank you, and you're most welcome!

dnsvm said...

LOVE the Head and the Heart quote card!!!!

Great pages too!

laura kate said...

Many thanks!

Jody said...

Say it. Don't Spray it. I want the news, not the weather. {i loved that show!}

Cerise said...

Beautiful layout! Love the snow pictures!
Thanks for the Valentine inserts. Love that quote. I don't think I've ever heard that song, but I'm going to have to have a listen. I've moved around so much, that I like to refer to home as where we are together.

laura kate said...

"The cute one" "The older brother!" :p

laura kate said...

Thanks! I'm a little obsessed with The Head & The Heart lately. I linked above to the album version of the quoted song, but there's also an excellent alternate take that I included in my playlist last Saturday. Enjoy!

Kelsey said...

Hi Laura, thanks for the response! I have seen Ali's post :) I don't have a fancy camera so sometimes getting good, clear shots is challenging. I also photograph on the floor near the sliding glass door in our kitchen -- it also faces south/southwest. I try to move around, too, to un-glare my photos but I always seem to catch some. I recently read a good post about using white foam board + vellum taped over the window to diffuse the light a bit. May need to try that method :) Thanks!

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