Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Project Life: Week 8

It baffles my mind that we are 8 weeks down in 2013. But there it is. A bit of a ho-hum week for me, but more exciting for the husband. He had nights out on Monday and Friday (though the pics he snapped on Monday didn't turn out). I mostly baked and cooked and crafted. Even though it wasn't a photo-heavy week, it was a good one.

The right side of the spread is dominated by photos of The Scot's Friday night adventures. I've blurred out a couple details (as the whole of the interwebs does not need to know about his work), but I was very glad that he was happy (or at least willing) to write up a journaling card about the evening. It really is documenting our lives and while I always get photos from him, it's nice to have his words and POV in there as well.

One thing I've noticed as I use the Seafoam kit is that many weeks I tend to gravitate to one or 2 of the kit's colors. Last week, for example, was all about the mustard yellow and the black. This week was much more about the actual seafoam color and tones. As I added my small embellishments I kept to that and I really enjoy how it worked out.

Our week 9 has started with a bang (our Sunday night party) and I can't wait to see what else this week will bring to document in our album. Really jumping into this project in 2013 has been great and sharing it each week on the blog keeps me on my toes!

FYI: each week I share my PL posts over at The Mom Creative's Project Life Tuesday gathering.


Kelsey McEvoy said...

I love and not-love all the food shots! I'm currently participating in the Whole Life Challenge with my Crossfit gym and that basically means I can't eat anything delicious until mid-April!! (you can read more on my blog, if you're interested). I still haven't seen a single episode of Downton Abbey...hmmm.

laura kate said...

Just popped over to your blog and read & commented. I couldn't do that challenge. Almost all our dinners here are made from scratch and are pretty well-rounded, so I think that's a good thing. The cakes pictured (along with almost all cakes and sweets created in my kitchen) get divided 1/3 to stay at home and 2/3 to go with the husband as office treats. I'm pretty popular at both the NYC and London offices (I've been known to send some treats back across the Atlantic while we're here in the US!).

As for Downton, I love it. Since I've watched all of it in the UK until this season, I watched in UK time until the Christmas Special (which was broadcast here as the season finale). I won't give away any details other than to say it's a very well-written and emotionally involving show! :)

dnsvm said...

Love the Downton card!!! I should've included something about it too!

laura kate said...

I just snapped a pic of the tv and added text. Always fun to do with shows or movies on tv!

eek said...

Love that you have your hubs adding journaling to the album. And a baking, cooking and crafting life looks good to me!

P.S. Thanks for the Oscar night freebies. They will be featured on a Project Life spread soon!

laura kate said...

It *is* pretty awesome that he adds his voice to the story. Baking, crafting, and cooking are pretty great, but I do miss working outside the home. Hopefully something will turn up!

Glad you enjoy the Oscars printables. Can't wait to see how you use them! :)

Sandy said...

Hi Laura- I just wanted to stop by and say Thank you once again for the Oscar freebies. I only used a couple of them in my pages since I didn't have any Oscar pictures per say, but I loved using the film reels as my title card! I a appreciate these freebies more than you know. Your pages are awesome and so rich in color..love them! :)

laura kate said...

So glad you liked them, Sandy. I had a peek and think it's cool how you used the reels sized up and turned. Neat idea!

Cerise Wade said...

Wonderful layout! It's great that you are getting your hubby involved. I am trying hard to include mine more in my spreads. He seems really amused when I ask, but I can tell he appreciates it.

laura kate said...

It is pretty great when they're open to the idea of collaborating, isn't it? :)

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