Monday, February 25, 2013

The Way We Were

Alas, the Oscars are over. My week(and a bit) of excitement and anticipation is over. My party happened. It was a success! It ended up smaller than anticipated (which meant far more leftover fancy jell-o shots than I'd planned for) but everyone had fun, joined in with the games, and my food went over with lots of smiles and full tummies. Win!

As one last little Academy-themed hug of this awards season, I created a playlist of some of my personal favorites amongst the long list of Best Original Song winners of the years (a list which, to be honest, contains some doozies as well as some gems). I was more than elated that Adele took home that little man last night, and this whole collection (which is an interesting lesson in pop music over the last 75 years or so) makes me smile.

Best Song Winners by LK on Grooveshark
9th // 12th // 13th // 17th // 19th // 27th // 34th // 37th // 44th
46th // 51st // 53rd // 61st // 66th // 70th* // 76th // 80th // 85th
*ok, so "Miss Misery" was only nominated. It lost to "My Heart Will Go On."
I hope we can all agree that Elliott Smith > Celine Dion.

Happy Monday!


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