Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Today is my birthday. I am officially into the "something" bit of "thirtysomething." Tonight The Scot is taking me to a Japanese restaurant where ninjas jump out of nowhere. I kid you not. Apparently there are also magicians and such and the Yelp reviews are excellent. I'm beyond excited.

I am also beyond excited to share my latest creative endeavor! As I've been enjoying creating scrapbook card designs and have been getting lots of lovely feedback, and as I am currently not doing much outside the home and have a bit of time for such things, I'm launching a scrapbooking shop! EEEE! To get things off to a rolling start I've created 2 travel-themed card kits - perfect for Project Life or really any sort of travel scrapbooking or papercrafting you might be doing. Printed, digital, or hybrid - they'll help tell the story of your journey. While they were created with international travel in mind, they can work equally well with domestic travel. Road trips, weekend getaways, a month backpacking through Europe - whatever!

Press play, then have a look. (No, really. It helps get the feel. This is a song that has flowed through my head a lot while creating these sets).

Let's Get Out Of This Country by Camera Obscura on Grooveshark

SEE THE WORLD is a travel collection consisting of 2 colorways: brights and bolds. Each set has some similar elements and a few unique elements. Both sets contain 12 3x4 filler cards, 4 3x4 journaling cards, and 6 4x6 filler cards. As always, cards are 300dpi PNGs with a printable PDF option as well. The 2 colorways can be used alone or together.

The BRIGHTS colorway features sunny tones that remind me of the beach and of summer.

The BOLDS colorway features sandy tones that remind me of sunsets, deserts, and heritage photos.

Both colorways can be found in my BRAND NEW SHOP. While I plan to continue to offer freebies here on the blog, I'll also be adding different sets (some small, some large) to the shop on a semi-regular basis.

As a bit of a birthday party favor to my blog readers, I'm offering a special 6 card freebie add-on exclusively to those who like the Laura Kate Is Crafty blog on Facebook. If you head on over there now you can get these great little cards for yourself. They'll be up for a while, but not forever. (I have to admit that the airport codes in the freebies are one of my favorites of the whole See The World collection).

I hope you all love these cards as much as I loved making them. A big thanks to my pal Meg who I workshopped some ideas with and who helped me come up with a few more when I was stuck.

Have a splendid day! Make your mark. See the world!


Hayley said...

hi! i would like to buy your travel collection printable cards - i'm making a Project Life mini album of my dad's travels, after 40+ years of working for United Airlines. My problem is that it is charging me $4.50 shipping for a digital kit - and I don't want to pay more than double for the kit when shipping won't be necessary. I left a comment on your storenvy page a few days ago... is there any way to avoid that fee? Please let me know - I'm so excited about finding your kit, it is perfect! My email is drpepperjones (at) gmail (dot) com - thanks!

laura kate said...

Hi Hayley - I sent you an email. Totally bizarre that my shipping settings got wiped. And Storenvy never notified me of any messages :( It's fixed now and I appreciate you bringing this to my attention!

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