Monday, March 11, 2013

of Journeys and Jazz Hands

It's been 11 months since I left my beloved London. My adopted country. I love being American and so much of what that means and entails, but I really like living in the UK. (I wrote about leaving here and wrote a little ode to Great Britain here). **photos in older posts are being weird as Flickr seems to having problems rendering streams today

god save the sweets

When it became apparent that I'd be spending a good chunk of my year-and-a-bit stateside in the NYC area, I was not particularly thrilled. "But, why?" you may ask. "Everybody loves New York!" This is true in so far as I love to visit. I've had some great trips here. But it's not my favorite place to live. I am, however, trying my best to find things that are lovely while we are here.


When apartment hunting we both agreed that we like neighborhoods. Cozy neighborhoods. Interesting neighborhoods that aren't crazy loud. With that in mind we knew that within Manhattan (considering The Scot's commute) that we'd mostly only like the West Village. And then we laughed heartily because...the West Village! Not really in our budget. That meant that it was either over the East River to Brooklyn or over the Hudson River to New Jersey. We ended up in New Jersey. Our neighborhood is beautiful and, apart from the large number of emergency vehicle passing (as we're near a hospital) it's quiet for city living. Our neighborhood is oooooold. We live in a brownstone. Well, part of a brownstone. Lots of things around here bear names of the Dutch past. I love that about it.

Pretty. Blue skies.

In celebration of that old adage "Bloom where you are planted" I've decided that I'm going to do my best, now that the weather is starting to brighten up, to explore around here and across the river as I can. I want to have little mini adventures. I want to change my opinion from "I meh NY." And I hope to document it a bit as I go.

While writing about NYC and thinking about it, I thought back to my first visit to the place. November 1998. With some members of my high school choir for the Macy's Thanskgiving Parade (as part of a mass show choir). As I was reminiscing, I wondered if there was evidence of that performance hiding in the interwebs. YouTube did not disappoint. If you want to see some cheesetastic dancing of 600+ kids who are singing their little hearts out while the, unbeknownst to them, the world hears a pre-recorded version of the song - featuring me doing some AWESOME tap dancing (2:21 - 2:23 in the pink sweatshirt and long braid) then enjoy. It's good for a chuckle:

Yeah. That happened. And I LOVED it. I was having a great time, even in the rain. Even when my tap shoes got stolen the next day. I loved it. And I loved NY. Perhaps so shall I again. Because I'll be here for a little while longer and it's more fun that way.


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