Monday, March 25, 2013

Playing dollies: NYC style

The last NYC area Blythe meet was just before Christmas. As the seasons are attempting to change and the sun is peeking out a bit more than it had been in recent memory, it was time for another. This time it was held in Jersey City at the home of Katie, who has a high rise apartment with great views.

Spring NYC area Blythe meet
Erica's famous Flo

Spring NYC area Blythe meet
The three girls I took along. They weren't as popular as the many fancy customs and re-rooted dollies there, but I love the girls I have and wouldn't trade them for all the fancy ones!

Spring NYC area Blythe meet
Warhol girls! (My Edesia is on the left)

Spring NYC area Blythe meet Spring NYC area Blythe meet
Siri's girl // Mel's parrothead girl

Spring NYC area Blythe meet
Katie's cat was very curious. He gave a few dolls a nuzzle and was just a sweet little kitty.

Spring NYC area Blythe meet
Who doesn't love a Rosie Red?

The meets here are a lot different from the London ones. Not less social, but definitely just a different kind of socialness. (Maybe because we often meet in pubs in London?!). It was still nice to have a little dolly afternoon, even if I couldn't stay very late due to a rather hastily (and hilariously) planned trip to Atlantic City (details forthcoming). The sun was shining bright and it lent to the hope that perhaps Spring really is here!


Nat Kat said...

Wow there are indeed some very fancy dollies there! I might feel a wee bit intimidated with my one stock doll (VV).

So, does everyone bring their dolls along to the London meets? I imagine that you would get some very curious looks from other pub goers :D

laura kate said...

Stock dolls are great, too! All but one of my dolls are stock. Blythe meets are all about sharing our love of the dolls, so in London the dollies come out to play as well. And yes, LOTS of curious looks and such. It's usually positive (or at least just inquisitive) attention!

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