Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Project Life: Week 12

Do you ever have those weeks that you're sure are going to be tranquil pools of calm bordering on downright boring? Me too. This was one of those weeks. Not a lot going on. Nothing at all planned. Some tasty meals at home, a lot of grey day catching up on some tv in the afternoons while crafting, a bit of forward planning/scheming for summer things. And then along came Thursday and a tweet from Alan Cumming offering free tickets to the Paul Taylor Dance Company performance at Lincoln Center that night. Being a short ride away, having never seen a performance at Lincoln Center, and being a fan of modern dance, I jumped on it before even asking The Scot if he'd be up for it! (Thankfully he was). The seats were amazing. The dancing was beautiful (and featured a college classmate of my sister's!). I'm not sure how much I've mentioned it here on the blog, but I used to be a dancer. I had planned to double major and changed plans my sophomore year of college. It's something I miss a lot and don't generally have the money to go see a lot of dance. So this was just a wonderful treat.

Full spread with insert to right
(I'll probably swap out the leftmost 3x4 for the real stubs when I remember where I put them!).

Full spread with insert to left
(I have just noticed in posting this that my end date is incorrect. Oops. Totally fixable).

While he was out for some Friday night post-work drinks, it was my husband's turn for scheming. Saturday, after the Blythe meet, we were heading to Atlantic City with work friends... Sometimes life happens in the best sort of ways. And it's great! So instead of my spread featuring snaps of the amazing pork chops & grits or the tasty quiche that I made last week, it features so much more in the way of adventures. Sometimes I feel like I'm getting too old for these hijinks, but then I realize I'm only as old as I feel. And there was little old man who looked in his 80s dancing to the band at 3:30am. So I've got a lot of living to do. Plus, I left AC a winner! (This budget-savvy girl only played the penny slots and only spent $5, but I did it with GUSTO!). :)

Atlantic City by Bruce Springsteen on Grooveshark
Yes, I know it's about AC mob activity, but it's been in my head since Friday

(That "snapshot" tab pulls up to reveal another photo that I couldn't leave out!)

It was a crazy end to a week that started off so placidly! I had fun paring down the photos to include in my Project Life spread this week. I'll definitely be doing to more detailed 12x12 layouts about the concert, the Blythe meet, and of course the crazy Saturday.

Have a marvelous Easter week. If you missed them on Thursday, please check out my Eastertide freebie cards. Also, as a convenience (and because bad links on Pinterest, etc. annoy me a little), I've created an indexed page of all my freebies that I'll add to as I offer them. It's there on the righthand menu next to my other links.

As I do weekly, I'm linking up with The Mom Creative's PL Tuesday.


Cerise Wade said...

Great layout. Love all the Atlantic City photos, looks like so much fun.

laura kate said...

Thanks! It was quite the epic night out. :)

Kelsey McEvoy said...

What a fun weekend! I wish I could get away for a weekend, or even just a night out, but umm, yeah right. My kids have taken over my life! LOL.

Love all the fun memories included in this week's spread. It looks (and sounds like) it really was an epic night out (man, I miss those!).

eek said...

Looks like a fun week. That happens to me sometimes - when I go to do PL, I think nothing is going on and then I end up putting in an insert :)

laura kate said...

When chances like "Hey! Let's run off to AC for a night!" come along these days I think of the fact that soon enough there will be kids in the picture and we won't have such easy chances to get away. That one night took about 3 days to recover from, however! (And I only had 3 drinks the whole time - it was just exhausting!).

laura kate said...

That's always fun. I've had a couple weeks that seemed rather ho-hum and I realized a lot happened in hindsight. This one just exploded from Thursday - Saturday as we lived it!

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