Thursday, March 14, 2013

Some love for Bloglovin'

The news heard round the blogosphere today is that Google Reader est mort. It will be going away on the 1st of July. Many of you may follow this and other blogs using that reader, but fear not! This is just an opportunity for you to experience something better.

My personal feeling toward Google Reader has never been favorable as I feel it takes away the design spirit of most blogs. Feedburner is a bit meh as well. Enter, Bloglovin'. Let me tell you a bit about my favorite blog reader.

1 - Bloglovin' is an online reader service that also has a really easy-to-use mobile app. (For both iOS and Android)

2 - Bloglovin' seems to heavily cater to creative-type blogs at the moment, but you can type in any blog into their search field and find it.

3 - You can group the blogs you follow into categories of your own creation. (Some of mine are crafty, pretty, scrappy, food-y, knitty - you get the gist).

4 - You can "like" posts through the Bloglovin' interface and then later you're able to find those posts easily. Sometimes I'll see something that I find noteworthy or interesting, but might forget it if I bookmarked it in my browser. I love this feature.

5 - When you add your own blog, you get to write a short description (though any blog can be followed through the service, even if the author hasn't created an individual profile).

6 - Blogs can be searched by category, popularity, country, etc. It's a great way to find new things to read that might be right up your alley!

7 - Bloglovin' is Swedish. This is really here nor there, but a bit of an interesting fact.

If you're currently a Google Reader user, I really encourage you to try Bloglovin'. You can find Laura Kate Is Crafty there right ----> here (or always using the heart in social media buttons to the right of this post).

EDIT: You can easily import your Google Reader feed to Bloglovin' here. Enjoy!

This post was written purely from opinion and the heart.


Michelle Sutter said...

thanks for this post! I wasn't sure what I was going to do but with the ability to import my blog roll from google I am sold!

laura kate said...

Yay! It's quite different from Google reader but, in my opinion, a FAR superior service.

Pink Ronnie said...

Bloglovin is awesome. I'm recommending it to my readers as a replacement as well. :)
Ronnie xo

laura kate said...

Awesome to hear!

Lauren said...

I love Bloglovin! It's what I use to keep up with all my favorite blogs.

Jes The Militant Baker said...

Hey lady! youre not advertising on my page. Hmm. Use "SWAP" to get it for free mmmkay?

laura kate said...

It is the best of bloggy stuff

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