Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Project Life: Week 15

Spring is most definitely here on the East Coast. While my friends in the midwest and the mountain states seem to be under a perpetual veil of winter (has someone been sneakily taking Turkish Delight from an fierce-looking woman?), the bi-polar weather season of springtime has hit in full force. Last week was particularly an odd one. Record highs for 2 days and then cold and rain for the next 3. It's sometimes annoying (such as when I do not own a car and don't like walking in pouring rain), but I know that the flowers are coming out in full force and the sun stays longer each day. So it's worth it.

Throughout the week, when the weather was nice, we were taking full advantage of it. And when the weather was bleak, not so many photos were taken! But that's how it goes, and I like that I got a bit of rainy documentation in.

Lots of different things in use this week: BH Seafoam & Jade, a Studio Calico PL card, washi, Martha labels, writing all over, and some cuts made with my just-arrived-last-night Cameo. (I'm in love with it already and will probably wax poetic in another blog post). Not really a lot to say about this week that isn't said in the pictures and brief words of the spread. I kinda like that.

It's Tuesday, so I'll be linking up at The Mom Creative.


dnsvm said...

Love the writing on the skyline photo!!!

laura kate said...

Thanks. It probably could've been neater, but I don't mind. :)

eek said...

Yes, that skyline photo with words is awesome. I'm jealous that you live so close to NYC! (or in the city, I don't know!)
I also love how you used all blue PL stuff. Looks great.

laura kate said...

Oh, thank you! We live in downtown Jersey City at the moment. As I like to say about it: "closer than Brooklyn, but way less cool." We're closer to Manhattan than most all the boroughs of NYC, just happens that this bit of land is NJ. Easy commutes and great views daily!

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