Monday, May 27, 2013

Eat Something Sunday: Classic Beer Brats

It's Eat Something Sunday-on-a-Monday! This week I'm sharing my take on a summer barbecue favorite (especially if you're from the Midwest): beer bratwurst. My husband had to work today, but our Memorial Day still got a little picnic influence with this tastiness. This preparation is easy as can be and the flavors that it adds to the brats are just delicious. Though I've used a CrockPot for my recipe, you can use a disposable roasting pan (covered) in a low temp oven, or something like a Nesco roaster for a party-sized amount of brats.

Classic Beer Brats

1 package (4-6) fresh, uncooked bratwurst
2 bottles beer
2 onions, sliced


1 - Chop your onions simply into rings, toss them in the CrockPot
2 - Add your brats
3 - Pour in the beer

After the beer has settled, stir a bit so that the sausages are all covered by beer. Turn the CrockPot on low for 4 hours. If you don't plan on finishing them for a while, you can just adjust the heat setting to warm after 4 or 5 hours on low (this is what I did - mine simmered in the beer for about 6 hours total, the last 2 on warm).

mmmm...ready to grill!

Finish by grilling them up! As the meat is pretty well cooked, it's really just about crisping up the outside and getting a tasty char. Any that aren't being immediately put into buns can be put back into the beer/onion mixture until someone claims them as dinner! The beer-soaked onions make a yummy addition on the bun along with your other favorite fixings.

Happy Summer! Here's to many tasty grill outs!


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