Thursday, May 23, 2013

I Walked 5 Miles Yesterday

Yeah. I walked nearly 5 miles yesterday. Most of which was in the city. And about 4 of those weren't really on purpose. As I shared a bit in this past week's Project Life, and if you follow me on Instagram, you'll know I've been walking lately. Mostly pointed powerwalking-type walking. Proper shoes, comfy clothes, and a planned route.

And then yesterday I broke out my flip flops for the first time this year and headed into Manhattan to get some workout clothes at Old Navy. Which led to wandering around Macy's and JCPenney and then stopping part way home to try a different Old Navy and do some other shopping along the way. Needless to say, when I got home, there was no "proper" walk for the day and my feet were quite angry with me. 3 year-old flip flops are great for strolling. Less so for hours on the streets of New York City on a crazy hot day.

The walking, though. While it's not easy, it's not rough. It's challenging to my body as the past years I rather just stopped exercising or having much concern for my fitness (apart from the great yoga classes I took in Armenia). My years of dancing earlier in my life made me never think about it much. But in the years after I stopped taking dance classes (something I miss a ton all the time), the muscles atrophied and my stamina and strength are not anywhere at all where they used to be. My asthma, which has been getting worse again in recent years, isn't fond of the extra weight my body is carrying and my lungs remind me of this on a regular basis. So I keep walking.

I plan to keep writing a bit about my journey to a fitter and healthier me on the blog. Part of my journey is that I am monitoring my food choices more closely and trying to make healthier habits. That means that I am hoping to lose some weight. But I want to put this out there right not: this is not about being thin. This isn't about being a particular size at all. What it is about is the fact that I'm not the healthiest me I can be. Last year I added about 30 lbs. to my frame which already was having a bit of trouble with the weight it was carrying. In the meantime, my asthma has gotten progressively worse. My feet hurt a lot of the time. I have more back issues than ever. So while, for me, my journey to being fitter and healthier will hopefully involve shedding some pounds, the weight loss aspect isn't because I want to be a skinny girl.

I am not a skinny girl.

I doubt that I'll ever be a skinny girl. As soon as I hit puberty, I went to a C cup overnight and was the only 7th grade cheerleader who needed an underwire and who had hips. Right now, I've got a pretty sizeable tummy. I'm not fond of it. However, I also am sporting the most hourglass-ish figure that I've ever had. And that I quite like.

The other day a great article was posted on Jezebel entitled If You Must Think About Your Weight, Here Are 10 Things to Think and it's pretty spot on to where I am with my weight in regards to my health of late. I want to be able to take 2 flights of stairs without having to stop and catch my breath/use my inhaler. I want to be able to comfortably fit into clothes I love (that are in storage). I want to have less issues with my feet and be able to wear more heels again without crying in pain because they don't want to support this frame. I want to be in the best shape I can be when Alan and I decide to start a family. I want to lower my risk of diabetes (either during pregnancy or generally). I want to lower my blood pressure that's been rising more than the doctors would like. I just want to be fit.

And so I walked 5 miles yesterday. My feet were tired and my legs ached. But I was kind of happy about it.


Nuwandalice said...

fitness is magic! i think feeling fit is the best feeling. like, when I have to carry boxes of heavy files across campus and my skinny co-workers are struggling and I feel like ROSIE THE RIVETER and it's awesome!

MUSCLES! I AM SO INTO MUSCLES! I actually just aspire to be this rippling wall of muscle right now, that is my actual goal. it's the only time when a part of your body can like quadruple in size and you're so proud you want to take all your clothes off and show strangers in the street??

laura kate said...

The thing is right now that if I'm doing my walking thing wearing a tank top and leggings, it's pretty much like taking my clothes off for strangers in the street. But not in any sort of cool way. Lots of clinging and wobbling and generally displaying my general lack of muscle tone to the world. (Hence my excitement on Twitter about my fancy new shorts. Fluorescent pink shorts = quite empowering).

Muscles are awesome. Mine are hiding and slightly sad. I used to have amazingly muscular legs. They were huuuuge. But they were sculpted. My goal is to get those legs back. They were so fabulous and powerful. (Though rippling muscles generally gross me out.) Hopefully next time I see you we can revel in muscles together! RAWR!

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