Friday, May 10, 2013

No thank you, Mr. Roboto


A quick post to let you know that certain archive posts (recipes, mainly) will be temporarily unavailable as I am trying to rid the blog of some bot attacks. They'll be back up soon, but I'm giving posts that have been getting crazy views and comments galore (that are clearly all spam) a brief takedown in hopes that this will stop the fake traffic & commenting. This also means that I'm no longer allowing anonymous commenting. Removing this option really bums me out, as I like offering the chance for anyone to comment, but since I'm not a fan of captcha codes or having to moderate every comment - things I feel make readers less likely to comment in general - it's the only option to prevent all the crap that's been coming in.

I love, love, love all my actual readers and am so glad when I see your views reading posts new and old and read the comments you leave. It's always great to respond to your comments. Half the fun of blogging is interacting with my readers and I hope you all feel welcome to be a part of the conversation!


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