Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Project Life: Week 21

Welcome to week 21. For me, this was a week where I realized when I sat down to choose photos, that I'd mostly not taken many. Between The Scot and I, we both pretty much just had Instagrams, and not larger format snaps. But, you know what? That's totally ok. I just went with it and I think it looks as pretty as any other week.

As a few of my photos had a blue shade to them, I really used that element throughout. I haven't much used the dark teal-y color in the Seafoam kit, and this week it was my main focal point.

Keeping things simple, I used only the BH Seafoam kit/papers this week, along with one card from my own Lego-style card set, as well as my usual Martha labels and a touch of washi tape.

I included some packaging from my new Fitbit Flex (which I am LOVING, even if it took nearly 3 miles of walking in dead heat along a major road to procure). Using ephemera like this sometimes isn't super neat & tidy, but I don't really care. I wanted to remember adding this part in to my fitness & health journey, and the packaging, while not perfectly aligned to a 3x4" box, still helps tell the story. To me, anything that helps you tell the story of your life right now is totally valid and totally works, even if it doesn't have the "perfect look."

So that's it for this week in Project Life. My in-laws are arriving on Thursday night. We'll see what they bring to my Week 22 (& 23)!

I'll be linking up at Project Life Tuesday on The Mom Creative.


Anonymous said...

yeah, I have to physically stop myself from using the teal cards all the time. seriously, all.the.time. I love how people do such different things with the same supplies!

laura kate said...

Indeed! This week was also put together rather quickly as I was tiiiiired. So there's that reason for using one thing too.

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