Sunday, June 16, 2013

Instalife: Craft On

Life is moving around here. If you follow me on social media, you'll know that my life of late has been rather immersed in preparing my visa application (to move back to London with The Scot). All the forms are finally finished, supporting evidence all collected & collated, I've attended the necessary appointment, and the big lot of papery things gets sent off via FedEx on Monday morning. Whew. Now we just have The Wait and hope that everything is properly in order (as it seems to be).

In my free moments, I've been enjoying learning to embroider. Mollie over at Wild Olive has the most adorable little embroidery-meet-quilting project happening right now: Summer Stitching Club. It was cheap as chips and I'm having fun making the tiny designs (and some others). I highly encourage you to check it out! I've also been doing a bit of tiny dolly knitting this week. The scrapbooks are sitting quietly knowing I haven't forgotten them. It's equal-opportunity for crafts around here.

Things have been pretty stressful, but I've done my best to just keep positive and enjoy the sunshine when it's here. (It's the little things, right?) Life's actually going pretty well. I'll be back to more regular blogging now :)


Rachel said...

Good luck with the visa, I've had friends go through the same thing so I've seen how much of a pain they can be! How exciting that you are returning to London :) do you know whereabouts you're planning to live yet? xxx

laura kate said...

It's all a ginormous pain in the backside. But I keep telling myself that we meet the requirements well, and so there's no real reason to worry (though I still do a bit!). Living-wise, I love our old haunts in Battersea - where we made our home for 2 years together. (The fancier bits near the river, not the dodgier bits nearer Wandsworth Road, etc.) so would love to end up there. But we're keeping our minds open to see what we can find/afford for now. (I, of course, would love to magically find a liveably-sized and affordable priced flat near the King's Road. But that's just not going to happen!). Can't really look in earnest til we know that everything is solid and can book our travel. But it IS all exciting. London feels like home to me, and I really just want to be back already!

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